Vignette effect at night - please offer the option to turn this off

In night races there’s a vignette around the edges of the screen that is there i assume to give a sense of speed. People with Oled tvs or local dimming however would prefer to take advantage of their contrast ratio and be able to enjoy the blacks.

As it is now, even with a decent tv, all the blacks in dark areas of the track look grey which is a huge eyesore, i just want to only see light that’s actually there.

It’s annoying and unnecessary. I don’t want to see grey edges around my screen which narrow down to a dark circle around my car as if I’m going into a wormhole or something.

Please give the option to tune out the vignette effect at night. It’s distracting and actually breaks immersion. Thanks!

That vignette at night is terrible. The person that thought that was a good idea artistically speaking made a horrible decision. Definitely my least favorite thing about the game.


That vignette can also be seen in the mainmenu, if you press “show car”. There is a very short black screen that also has that effect on it. It’s so short that I haven’t managed to take a screenshot of it. I would have to record it and then press pause while playing that video.

It is hard to see, but it’s there.

It can be seen at around 4 seconds.

Why T10 doesn’t even acknowledge the problem exists? It can be seen it exists, it’s not a monitor/TV issue.


Yeah the vignette was a terrible idea from day one. Forza always throws in things nobody asks for. I’ll never understand that developer philosophy.

I don’t see that in the show car screen, maybe I have the stuff that causes it switched off?

I don’t think there’s any setting to toggle the vignette effect on or off, whether Xbox or PC.

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You also can’t see it on the picture or the video I provided? If you can’t see it your monitor is bad.

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Maybe he’s not able to see it in HDR. I think it only pops up in HDR.

I can see it on my SDR monitor if I look at the picture and video I provided.

Well, beating a dead horse atm then by discussing it here. Let’s see if T10 resolve this or not. I’m sure they know.

I hope they fix this horrible effect in Update 10.

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Speaking of - I guess it’s dropping in about 24 hours?

We will have news about update nine today or in the next two days, we will be able to download it on Wednesday, then we can play the new track. But we can only play the next FOMO content one day later on Thursday.

Dude is so much worse in xbx hahaha.


LOL I didn’t know it’s a thing on consoles too. This is so bad, they have to remove that effect.

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Apparently much worse hahah

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I use 10 Bit Full RGB HDR, I think X-Box uses 4:4:4 with limited spectrum. Maybe it’s worse because of that idk.

Idk. Maybe because i use HDR10 instead of dolbyvision? The color depth in xbox settings say 10-bit but i can set to 8, 10, or 12.