Veyron SS Paint glitches

So, as a recurring problem from FM5 that I hoped would be fixed, the decals I put on the Bugatti Veyron SS get glitched around and altered when I drive the car. In the garage, photo mode, or anyplace where I am not in direct control of the car, it’s fine. But once I get on the road I can see under-body paint and certain areas get phased around. Here is what I’m talking about:

Grille and hood glitch
rear-body paint showing
just another angle

(Sorry for the iPotato pics, it’s all I had at the time.)

Is there any way to fix this? I doubt that to be true currently, so could it possibly get fixed in a future update? If anyone could help, that would be great, thanks!

Probably not. One of the worst systems in all Forza games are the paint editors. Some cars (the ZR1 Corvette) have it to where when painting the front bumper, there is a glitch where the decals invert and are confusing to play with. With the C63 Black Series, I started painting on the right side and when I mirrored it to the left side, I had to increase the size of the entire graphic and move it around to get it back to where it matched up. Other random vehicles have glitches where it doesn’t paint, or it duplicates things, doesn’t align properly on the car, or doesn’t have a properly reading grid system (meaning 0.0 on the Top Section isn’t actually centered on the car.

And the companies never do updates to the paint glitches. It gets very annoying and I get fed up with painting in the game due to it, which is a shame considering these are some relatively easy fixes and the paint editor system would be amazing if they would just fix these things. I know there are more important glitches, but I have never seen a Forza game paint glitch get fixed. Even in FM5, the wheels that you might have colored will go back to the original color they were once they get above 30 mph, and the only time they are actually painted is when the car is below 30 mph.

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I’ve noticed the inverting (Hennessey Venom) and the off-grid (every single car it seems). It’s just really annoying to look at constantly while you’re driving. I wouldn’t mind it half as much if there weren’t those ugly patchy spots of blue showing from under the decals in the back, where my camera view most commonly is. I also had to do the re-size thing on the Veyron for the paste left to right.

It’s too bad they don’t realize this as a fairly big issue and fix it. All I can do is hope a dev sees our cries of help and decides it is an issue worthy of being addressed. I’m hoping that day comes soon.