Very Potential FIX for Wheel FFB issues that's been plaguing Horizon 5 recently... [PC only]

Been having FFB issues thats been deteriorating gameplay experience, as detailed in:

However, browsing the Logitech G Subreddit proved to be helpful, with a workaround solution that worked for me. (This could potentially fix both Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels having this issue)

It was simply…

  1. ⁠Type “Services” into the search bar on your task bar and run the App that comes up.
  2. ⁠Find Gameinput in the list and Stop the service

Please reply/upvote this post if it works for you. Im trying to see if this is viable and could help others with this extremely frustrating issue.

Have a good day!

Didn’t solve it for me (G920, Msft store version, ffb long interval issue). Doesn’t even slightly change the ffb’s behavior. Are you sure you have the same issue? Or have you tested it in a race for example? Or tried drifting? Sometimes it’s not that noticeable, especially at low speeds, or sometimes when you’ve just started the game and haven’t played for long enough.
I stopped the service before playing, made sure it’s stopped while playing, drove a drift AE86 normally (just going straight in 2nd/3rd gear) and had the same wild linear oscillation (not a normal oscillation). Even started and stopped the service while playing, no difference.

I’m pretty sure it’s not caused by that service and the cause is in the game code, probably some device specific config, because the only thing that caused the issue was updating FH5 (donut media update), not a Windows update or driver update, and every other game’s ffb is perfectly fine with the same steering wheel.