I am so disappointed in this game. I was playing Forza Horizons 5 last night 11/26/2021. I upgraded around 20 cars to make them more S1 compatible. I put over 20 sets of tires on all different cars in my garage because I just realized there were race slicks. I spent almost 2,000,000 credits in the game last night. Drove some of the cars around. Went up to level 113. Went back to the Lugar Tranquilo house. Which was my home saved house. When I woke up this morning 11/27/2021 all of mt cars tires were off. All of the work I had done last night was gone. I was also in the wrong place, the game loaded me at the horizon event place. My two levels had dropped back down to level 111. All the money I had spent was gone. So the game took all the money that I had spent, Then took back all of the parts and progress I made. None of the tires are available for any of the cars it’s like I didn’t even buy them. 2,000,000 credits wasted for nothing. I get that the game has issues, but this is unacceptable. As a Forza player since Forza Motorsports 2 I’d like some explanation. Even better some compensation. I’ve never had anything like this happen before.

This is unbelievable. I also lost all the car mastery points I spent last night. At least 50. I’m so pissed off. I don’t even want to play this game anymore. Hours of work painting, tuning, upgrading and saving credits and mastery points all for nothing. I think we can handle the random glitches in the game. Like not being able to use convoy, randomly stoping when driving and players disappearing when exploring. But when the game deletes the progress that you’ve made, eats the credits you’ve earned and doesn’t save correctly. This here breaks my trust of Turn 10 studios. Hours of my time and energy were wasted because the game didn’t save correctly. Multiple times of going in and out of the garage. The game saved hundreds of times last night. Why? Why did all of my progress get erased? Hours of time! This is a disgrace. I will be letting everyone in my Forza community to turn away from this game.

I recommend you enter then exit garage then go to free roam and wait until the syncing icon in the bottom right hand corner has disappeared before you exit the game. I call this trick the double force sync trick and so far i haven’t any issues. Of course this should not be necessary but what can you do until they fix these issues.

I too have had the home house change upon starting and mastery points vanish! What irritates me the most is it asks if Id like to make this house my starting house! No…how about the bleeping house I said multiple times! I’ve repurchased mastery points frequently. Although we shouldn’t have to do that to save our game thank you anonyyyyy

I noticed sync/reset issues affecting me. My character reset to his default clothes. My custom tunes changed. Most obvious is the AWD differential settings reset to weird values.

It is playground games, not turn 10 to blame for any woes with this game.

Turn 10 own the “Forza” name …but pg games make the “Horizon” series.

Fh5 is a dazzling game made to appease the casual game pass subscriber…11 million or more…

Everyone else…including, I would say, everyone that would feel compelled to even glance at this forum here, would be Those wanting a game that delivers online, multiplayer, large garages, customised cars without crashes, freezes, save fails, broken accolades, broken playlists and so on .

They constitute maybe 10% of the player total, at a guess…therefore some bean counter at MS/PG games says “forget about them”…just make everything look shiny and put loads of danger sign jumps in there for the other 90%. Job well done…or done well enough to meet minimum requirements.

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