Vehicles Brake Inaccurately

The vehicles brake inaccurately in Forza Horizon 5 and in the 8th generation Forza Motorsport. Especially at speeds below 30 mph, and even beyond (with a sim-racing wheel setup, despite the sensitivity and braking settings that I’ve experimented with)

In real life, on most vehicles of any class, when you press the brake pedal to about 60% the car’s motors are designed to respond to the brake pedals’ input and gradually slow down the vehicle, and if the decelerator pedal’s input does not increase any further, the car may take maybe more than 20 seconds to stop, I haven’t counted exactly on all vehicles, but it would certainly take a much longer time when compared to pressing the decelerator pedal from around 70% up to 90%, because when the input is this high, on most vehicles, the brakes (especially disc brakes’ brake pads) are designed to gradually start making contact with the brake disc in order to cause friction with the brake disc, and from here, 75% to 100% decelerator pedal input should determine how much pressure the brake pads are applying to the brake discs, which will determine how much distance the vehicle covers before the brakes can fully lock the discs from rotating any more.

But in both current Forza titles, you just have to press the decelerator pedal around 15% to 20% and the vehicle (especially, but not exclusively to vehicles beyond the class of sports car, 190 mph and beyond) will lock it’s brake pads within around 5 seconds, without giving the user any time without the brakes locking, and even if there was time, the brake-locking sensitivity is just too much to be like a real vehicle.

Here’s a very streamlined fix:

Just like Forza Horizon 5 currently has multiple braking modes, add/fix one of them to match this request, so that users still have the choice to have the game their way, be it unrealistic, realistic, or a balance. The way the gamer wants to play.