V8 Supercars Engine sounds

It seems as though there may be a single engine note generated for all 5 manufacturers, despite the volvo and mercedes having majorly different engine sounds compared the Holden, Ford and Nissan, but this isnt replicated in the game.


Thats really sad, since i was really hoping for genuine engine sounds, from these cars, especially since the Volvo and the Mercedes, have very unique sounds in real life , with their flat plane crankshafts.

See this thread and keep it page 1: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm360032_Own-Engine-Sound-too-low.aspx#post_360032

They all use the same sound, which is a terrible oversight seeing as they featured these cars on a car week reveal…alongside this, drowning out of audio on the start line due to no separate audio sliders is a real pain, real let down. Hoping this can be fixed in the future.


Wait a minute, if the spec is the same for all V8 supercars, regardless of their manufacturer, shouldn’t they not all sound the same like Formula One cars all sound alike. If the engine notes are different for each manufacturer it means that they are using different lengths and diameters for internal engine components. For example, all IndyCars, F1 and Formula E cars should sound the same to a large degree, because all must use the same specs.

Those sorts of things are not the only things that determine the sound from an engine, let alone an exhaust. Also, not all F1 cars sounds the same up close, there are variations, at least, there used to be, more significantly especially between Honda, Ferrari and Mclaren.

This is how the Mercedes V8SC should sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFRRKIDE5XE&ab_channel=MrNdm79

And this is how the Volvo S60 V8SC should sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MayKqA3zkX8&ab_channel=AlwinSV

And this is what the Nissan Altima should sound like, sounds a bit like like the Merc but it still noticably different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A_Bll5AKl0&ab_channel=InPitLane

So there ya go, they are all should sound different, but instead, Forza has chosen to use the same engine across the board for the V8SC which is a shame.

*That is not a V8 Supercar Volvo , it`s a french built Solution F silouhette car, with a Chevrolet v8 engine behind the driver and rear wheel drive.
This is the real V8 Supercars Volvo :

While it definitely doesn’t ruin the game for me, I was surprised that all of the cars from the series sound the same. The Volvo and Merc are much different sounding than the other cars, especially in person. I doubt it will be change, but it was something I noticed. I’m just thankful we have the cars in the game!


Here is how the Volvo S60 V8 Supercar sound in real life : A Lap Around KL City GP With Polestar's V8 Volvo S60 - YouTube

I was hoping to find a thread about this. I am extremely disappointed about this. I was so excited to drive my jaguar f type and terrorize the track with the exhaust note jag worked so hard to create. It’s one of a kind snarls and pops make me giddy. So when I got in and cranked the engine I was appalled at how they could make it sound so generic. This needs fixed. Even the Audi RS3 sounds more like a jaguar than a jaguar. You dropped the ball here forza.

I couldn’t believe this either. All the engines sound the same for the American muscle v8s. All the way from small blocks to big block cars. Forza 4 didn’t have this problem. Also another thing I kinda am ocd about is the fact that they don’t show the stock engine liter size on the stats anymore. I like to see that. Maybe it’s just me but I think they skipped on a few things that make the game amazing and more in dept.

Dude there was a patch like a month or so ago that fixed the V8SC sounds
That was this thread is about…nothing else

u have to use the sound setting: headphones! even u don’t use headphones the sound is improved when u turn on the headphones in sound setting :slight_smile:

They should add the whine of the gearing as well, sounds soooo good!

None of the V8’s sound even close to their real life counterpart…

I wonder why you hear the whining tranny only on race cars. In previous Forzas, when you install a race tranny on any car, you’d get that whine. Wonder why it got taken out of F5 and 6.