Volvo #33 S60 V8 Supercar sound

I was really excited to see all 5 manufacturers from the V8 Supercar series included in Forza 6, however, I’m a bit disappointed with the sound coming from the Volvo. Watching the series on TV, the Volvo has a very distinct sound. In Forza however, it sounds very, very similar to the Holdens and Fords. In the Twitch stream the other day, I heard the sound producer admit that the sound from the Shelby GT350R wasn’t right, and it would be fixed in the next update. Can I ask that the #33 Volvo is also looked at for a sound fix please, if it isn’t being already?

Other than that, I’m really enjoying Forza 6 so far, although I think it could benefit from an Event List like Forza 4.