So I just downloaded an update for forza 5, now I keep getting the message unable unable to join session?

Maybe not a lot of people have the update yet? idk how it works, I’m never around when the updates roll out.

Yeah 5 new cars are out. At least 5 of them I see anyway and a lot of free cars you already bought. You get them free one time.

And garage icons where they should be!

More cars are always welcome, I don’t really know why they are free, but I’m not complaining.

Also, dat wing.

So what’s in the update guys?

Icons in the buy cars list to show which cars you own.

10 new cars

All add-on cars are free the first time you buy them (I don’t really know why they did that one.)

I haven’t noticed anything else yet (in race) but I’ve got a smile bigger than Jack Nicholson’s about that garage marker :slight_smile:

plus 1

It seems to me there are10 new cars as dlc, among other things with the update…however, The new cars show up as dlc, and when I try to purchase them, it brings up the only option as a purchase of the car pass, As someone who is buying the packs seperate, am I really not able to get these cars without the car pass? I understand I was paying more out front for each car pack alone, but, if id known there would actually be car pass specific cars, I would have saved and just got the pass. Just curious, and its really not a big deal if I have them or not, but it would be nice to know if its just a bug on my end or something else.

What are the cars ?

There are 10 new DLC cars, plus a plethora of existing cars which have been made free. Also the garage icon has been fixed in the buy car showroom.

I think someone failed and dropped it early.
We aren’t supposed to have it.
That’s why we cant get in lobby’s.

But it seems all the VIP/DLC cars can now be bought for free once.

So people who bought car pass wasted money?

No, the “DLC cars can now be bought for free once” means that if you pay real money for a DLC car or, assuming, if you have the car pass, you don’t have to pay in-game credits for the first copy of each DLC car you buy… like, buy the car with IRL dollars and get it free in-game.

The H1 Hummer will likely be a popular car among dirty drivers

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The new cars are.
Audi RS4 Avant.
Chaparral Cars 2E.
Ford Transit SuperSport Van.
Holden Xbox Racing Team Commodore VF.
Hummer H1 Alpha.
Lexus GS350 F Sport.
Lotus Elise Series 1 Sport 190.
Nissan R390.
Renault 5 Turbo.
Impreza WRX STI (2008)


thanks for that, it looks good. i hope its not the car pack dropped early and we get 10 more cars as well that would be great!!

Well that was a nice surprise, can’t wait to get that Elise on the track. Kinda sad bout the transit van and the hummer, just gives the trolls
more ammunition…

Haven’t noticed anything else diff other than the cars owned icon.

Not really… I want to drive both of those really bad online and I will race 100% clean with both. Then laugh at people when I win :slight_smile:


Who are you racing with?.. Helen Keller?