[Unlimited Prowess] Achievement - Forza Arcade Is Unbalanced, Buggy and Harsh. Air Event Broken

This game is incredible. However, the Horizon Arcade events are very disappointing and the mode needs a lot of work.

Firstly, the events are usually very underpopulated, and teams rarely get close to the Round 3 (or even Round 2) objectives. Retail release slightly helped last night, but not by much.

The unanimous feedback I’m seeing from TrueAchievements issue is that Round 3 is pretty unattainable for certain events. For the 10 min time limit, the objectives seem super harsh and randoms don’t have a chance. Even in an organised convoy of 10 people, it seems pretty damn tight (plus connection issues) - this was 10 people knowing what they were doing, specifically there to not just participate.

This is especially the case in ‘Air’ and ‘Chaos’. Air in particular is practically unobtainable, in my opinion - 1st round is insanely easy, but the Bullseye mode barely works, and targets can just disappear for people. Chaos mini-missions can also stop spawning, although I personally got lucky with that one. I’ve managed to brute force the other 4 events, but really, it was very tedious. Being in a convoy was a mild help, but not a great one.

Overall, it’s a massive, massive step back from Forzathon Live in 4 which seemed fun, achievable but not ‘gimme’s’ either (from launch, no less). In my opinion, PG either need to increase the time limit, reduce the round requirements or - perhaps best of all - not start an event if it doesn’t have a minimum player count of at least 4 people!!

I’ve put some links below of many others complaining about this, at least from the context of the “Unlimited Prowess” achievement.

Links Confirming Other People With Issues:

As with anything new, things will require balancing. I suspect that now the game has launched, and players are online regularly, they’ll be gathering data to help them do just that. You’re just going to have to be patient in this instance.