Request: Please remove Horizon Arcade from playlist until you fix the online feature of the game

As per title of topic I request to PGG to remove Horizon arcade from playlist because currently it is impossible to complete


Not impossible but it is hard. I suggest keep trying it, very unlikely they will remove it.

What they could do is a hotfix to increase the time limit to 15 mins, and/or scale the difficulty to the number of players.


Yes, you are right, the best solution is to increase the time to 15 minutes, luckly I completed the previous two horizon arcade playlist but I had to do an huge number of tries and it is not fun at all.


I completed Round 3 about 20 minutes before the changeover, and did another one few hours later.

Personally, I like the variety and I will do them even if I know I will only complete Round 1…the other day I almost managed to complete all 3 rounds on one by myself

It’s not even difficult.

  • Wait for Chaos event that starts at southern runway
  • Skills, very short trailblazer and back to skills so very easy

If you manage to not finish this in 10 minutes with 4 other players problem isn’t in game.

This is very good suggestion, please tell us which are the best horizon arcade event in order to reach the end.

No the problem is the game. I’ve done multiple events with lots of players and we’ve failed. The fact some of the events are easier than others doesn’t alter that the concept itself is poorly designed and executed (ie. requirements too demanding in the time allowed).

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You can easily complete two rounds in that event alone.

I’ve never even had a session with four other players. Problem IS in game.


Players tend to flock the Chaos event since its the fastest way to completes round, the other types of games are empty, doesn’t matter if they fix the server or not, if people don’t want to come to those type of event, then it will be empty. 10 minutes is just to short for other types of event.

It will be interesting to know if it is possible to have the series complete (in gold) also without the horizon arcade.
the points written to have the series completed are lower than the points that you could earn.

all thry really have to do is give you the points just for completing one round if they aren’t going to change the time or score needed to complete 3 rounds

The whole online aspect of FH5 is well below the standard of FH4. I really enjoyed FH4 for the seasonal playlist and Forzathon Live events. But both are a broken mess at the moment.

I’ve had a number of seasonal challenges and championships reset themselves. And have not had a single arcade event where there is more than just me. People saying you can solo it completely miss the point. They are group events by design.

Without Arcade working properly you are never going to grind enough FP to buy anything in the store. The daily challenges do not give enough.

Also, there are barely any players in the online instance. You can see this in the friends/players tab. I barely get 8 others, it should be 60 odd by FH4 standards.


Managed to start an event with 10 players, halfway through the second zone I got the ‘time out - 0 pts scored’ message.

My internet was fine atm. Why is it so broken ? No matter what I try I’m either alone, or we’re not enough to complete the whole thing, and if we’re 10 or so it just **** the bed entirely.
Hard to buy stuff in the Forzathon Shop if we can’t even earn FP points lmao.

This game is a step-back in every possible directions.


The lack of people to participate in this event is infuriating lucky if there are two players up for it yet on the hall of fame stats there’s supposed to be 9 million players Very disappointing.

They just didn’t test Arcade (well enough).
Some events are possible if you are lucky and there are enough players.
Other events are impossible even with a good amount of players.

Make them 15 minutes, do them every 30 minutes and maybe just one at a time. This will reduce the hourly events from 8 (!) to 2 and will likely make the whole thing a lot more fun. Currently it is a chore which is silly. LIVE was always a fun event to do.


I hope it will be fixed in next patch, now it is unplayable at all. Most time I’m alone in arcade

It used to be more of a relaxed social event. People would arrive early, show off their cars, sometimes line up together and take photos. Now it’s a stressful mad rush to desperately complete a tough task in a tight time limit.

I’m confident they will fix it… this is too big to ignore. (I think…)

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The best thing in my opinion is to come back to old forzathon live and reduce the price in forzathon shop.

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Just tried ‘speed’ again with several players, it took us I think eight minutes to do the first speed breaker event at the stadium. No hope in hell of doing the other two rounds so I just waited for my FP. ‘Speed’ is the last of the five I need for the Unlimited Prowess achievement and that’s the only reason I’m participating at all because there’s no fun in it.