Arcade - a terrible idea, and impossible?

So the ‘Arcade’ is a replacement for hourly Forzathons? Terrible, terrible idea. Almost never anyone playing, so I’ve never managed to get further than about halfway through the 2nd round. Because there’s no set start time, how are we ever supposed to get enough people to complete the challenges? It seems nobody thought this through at all. At least change these to be fixed start times – otherwisr we’re never going to be able to ever complete any - just stupid.


There is a major bug affecting online play, much of the time anyone else in the event isn’t visible and nor are the points they earn, I’ve never made it to the second round because of this.

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The other major problem is that, even if the arcade could work just fine, sesions in FH5 are limited to 12 players… you need to be very lucky to have 3-4 players at least willing to do an arcade in that precise moment it appears. Plus, the times between events within the arcade are ridiculous small. Again, until that changes too…


They start every 15 minutes, first one on the hour, then 15mins past, 30 mins and 45 mins. Wreckage is at 45mins past the hour, I think chaos is 15 mins past and can’t remember which way round air and speed is between the two times slots of 0mins past on the hour and 30 min past.

I was lucky and finally managed all three rounds this morning on 10th attempt - try going to the arcade area and saying one of the link arcade phrases, it alerts other players that you’re there, I find it usually attracts at least one other player, sometimes more.

I attempted on Arcade yesterday with 5 people. We should have had no problem completing all tasks. Unfortunately, we ran into a bottleneck with the mini games. The problem is the challenges are spaced out by time. Once you complete a task you have to wait until the timer is up to start the next one. It made it impossible from a mathematical standpoint to finish. At most you can handle 1 round of mini games, but not 2.

Am I the only one that disables the horn? I find them annoying. That mini game should be removed.

Horizon Arcade is by far the worst mode in any Horizon Game ever… so Forzathon Live was just a medicore mode 3 years ago, but this one is hust stupid. Hopefully the upcoming patch fixes the online problems and maybe Arcade is indeed affected by some major bugs.

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I almost did it with two random players but then it went to some multiple quick mini challenge thing at the end but it took so long to cycle through the small challenges we failed. I think every player has to do it or it doesn’t go to the next mini challenge which is fine until someone is AFK.

The only arcade event I have managed to complete is my first one on the first day of pre release access. Since then there’s never been more than 2 people in an event and it’s usually just me… it’s hopefully getting fixed with all the other bugs

I don’t know why they didn’t scale the objective based on players that join the session.

and I also don’t know who’s great idea it is to shorten the timer from 15 minutes in FH4 to 10 minutes in FH5.

to make matter worse, it is counted in the Festival Playlist. so if you can’t cleared it before the season end, have fun looking at your season not being 100% completed because of this stupid game mode.


Yep, it is by far the worst part of the game and 100% broken.

Just now did one where you had to complete the trail blazer and I got to the destination and it won’t even complete, wow, just wow.

God Bless

Just about had one beat with a ton of players but when it went to the last round, everybody but me and one other guy disappeared…

So as well as the online problems and undersubscribed sessions heres another big problem - playing drift we had about 6 players, but the destinations kept bugging out in the 3rd round. We got to round 3 but whilst we should have been doing a drift zone repeatedly, the game wanted us to go back to the destination from round one, then redoing the drift skills zone from round two whilst I was getting on with round 3. This bug seemed to split what each of the 6 players were doing - perhaps causing the goals to constantly change.

Please PG if youre reading this theres lots of problems with the arcade events.

Super easy quick fix for many of the problems: scale the requirements to the number of players participating. :person_shrugging:t3:

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Oh? And what do they do when people join late? You can join for 2 minutes after it starts. Or how about when half the people DC?

I tried to get to one speed event today but I couldn’t get in even though it still had over 1min of entry time left. I drove out of the circle and back in multiple times and even tried to get in by triggering nearby speed trap but nothing happened. While I was doing that there was another player who said “let’s do this speed trap”.

Arcade has some decent ideas, but is overall just bad. At the minimum:

-Reduce requirements, good god some of them are insane. Limit breaker is one that immediately comes to mind as always requiring just way too many points no matter the number of players.
-Reduce frequency. Just one at a time, and every half an hour, and give players better notification that they are happening. Keep them ten minutes with reduced requirements so as to give players a break between rounds.
-Go over some of the potential locations and axe them or something. I just had a drift arcade event where in stage 1, we had to do the Cara Este drift zone. Yeah, you know, the one that covers the entire road up the volcano? That one. How on earth were we supposed to have the time to even complete the second round, let alone the third, after how long it takes just to do one pass of that drift zone? Same goes for air events that plop you in a field with no places to actually jump, like c’mon. In fact the air events are just garbage in general and I’d love to see them go away or at least substantially changed.

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I did one all the way (did a total of 20 with 1 round or 0 rounds) and we of had at least 5 guys, thing is, only one other guy was not invisable.

Also so many time people quit or go afk.

I’m in a Boosting session of 10 people for this in 2 days. Fingers crossed I can knock out the all types achievement. But I’m more interested in just completing the season. So I’ll settle with a solitary one round 3 win.

Requirements 100% need reducing. Even bringing a bunch of friends together to do Arcade we sometimes can’t even beat the first round, it’s ridiculous.

A mode called ‘Arcade’ should be a fun distraction for any player who happens to be nearby, not something you have to tryhard to even get past the first round…

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Totally agree on all points. Ive also had the added issue of having, often, mere seconds to get to the 2nd round, and it kicks me out because I cant get there in time. Like, literally sub 5 seconds to get 3km…