Underdog Achievement Boosting Signup

Right then, here you go.


Sign me up.

I’ll sign up for now, I can’t make any promises for sessions during the week, but more than likely be able to do Saturday/Sunday.

I’m out.


Sign me up, this is not my main tag but I am free just about anytime 24/7 and I will make myself available to get this done. Hope it is possible to get in a private lobby this time.

Right, let’s get this over with ASAP. Count me in.

One thing that needs Turn 10 clarification: Can this be done in a Private Lobby?

Whether it can or cannot will change how people can go about Unlocking it.

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Aww come on. It will be fun! Imagine 24 of us regular forum users in one party playing some good old fashioned Forza!

And no, this isn’t sarcasm!

So has anyone been able to test if it can be done in a Private session?

I didn’t attempt this in FM6, but seeing as it’s making a return I’ll have to give it a shot this time. Count me in! I can help with anyone in need, and maybe make new friends in the process.

Time Zone - Eastern United States
(Message for Availability)

Sign me up. US central time, and likely only on weekends

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Sign me right up!

I never even attempted this in Forza 6 but I’d like to have it under my belt this time around.

I’m UK time, but should be able to do most times any day. I’ll keep an eye on this thread to keep updated on any plans for release, but feel free to message me if anyone needs an extra player to fill up any lobbies when the time comes!

Sign me up !

I’m up Too, i’m italian but i will join at any time during sunday cause it’s the only day i’m not working!

I can’t believe they added that horrible achievement again. it took several weeks to get it in FM6.
To get it just register on TrueAchievements and join a gaming session, that’s way better and more organized.


Might as well sign up myself. Never bothered with the last one in forza 6. Not sure why it’s back for this game…but I’ll be on, on the 29th. I’d like to get this out of the way ASAP.

Sign me up. Playing through some of the older games to rack up rewards and finding it hard to reach Tier 11 without buying no-longer-existent DLCs or having players online to unlock achievements. Would like to try and complete the circle on at least one of these games.

If that’s your goal, don’t bother with this. All you need is 1000 GS in the game, doesn’t have to be the 1000 GS of the main game. It’s easier to do the relatively easy 900 there and then get the rest from the first addon.


Sign me up too. My timezone is CEST and I’m getting the standard edition, so no early access for me. I also think that making this “boosting event” on weekend will be a sweet spot, since we all have a jobs, school etc. and different timezones shouldn’t be too much of a problem on Saturday or Sunday

Sign me up too.