Thru the Pack - Achievement (how should it be done?) [see post #47]


so far we figured out in other forums that it can´t be done in private lobbies.

So I have to be in a open lobby with 24 players, starting from last position
and have to win the race…

Well… I think I might be hit by a lightning instead of having such a combination
of luck.

Have you really think about it?

I really wanted to make Forza 6 a 100 % game for me but this achievement is
a joke in my eyes.

Tell me how you do think about this :slight_smile:

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It may as well be called “dumb luck” if it’s a no collisions lobby and you start last in that damned mini then it’s probably do able. Otherwise…the chances of getting all the way through the pack and hunting down the leader with out getting wiped out…and the leader not being really fast…million to 1.


Single player, back of the pack mod ?

The achievement must be earned in multiplayer. The description reads: “Start last and finish first in a multiplayer race with 24 cars”. Might take awhile to earn this one.

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Before I cheese it, I think when I go for it, I’ll keep trying until I get it. It’ll be more satisfying that way and best believe I’ll save that replay to watch over again lol

There are over 5,000 people on TrueAchievements playing Forza 6 - this is one of only three achievements that no-one has won yet, and the other two are going to be time-based achievements (win all the single-player events and complete a multiplayer race in every environment). Suspect it’s going to take a LOT of luck as well as skill for anyone to land this one.

@ some point sadly the hardest part will be the full lobby part. I always hated achievements that were/are online based. Like there is no way I will ever get enough credits from a paint or vinyl or even a tune because how the system works in FM6 again.


One private lobby.
Four friends.
Twenty drivatars.

Good luck.


@Hieronymus1967: Won’t work.

It wouldn’t be a problem, if the private lobby would work here.
Getting 24 players / achievement hunters together and letting everyone start last one time is manageable.

Getting 24 players together in a public lobby is manageable, too. Will take very long and will take even longer to get everyone -luckbased- start as the last driver.

So please Turn 10, change the requirements of this achievement, so we can do it in a private lobby, too.
Hard achievements are ok, but this one is more luck- than skillbased and I want my 1000 G in Forza 6.

“Real Deal” is “public lobby only”, too, but that one was manageable with some time and/or some nice drivers in your lobby.

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completed “Real Deal” in less than 6 sec–on MP DRAG RWD. thanking you in advance for the gamer that finds the exploit for thru the pack

Um now that I think about it if you just grind away in lobbies for the next few weeks I’m willing to bet its not as hard as one would think. The biggest thing is you/your driver skill. The reason I say that is you pointed out 6K players right now. Well that number is going to go up by a huge amount tueday and you having early access should be able to dial in a car and have a bit of an upper hand

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This achievement is pretty much luck based rather than skill. Three factors have to fall into place:

-24 Person lobby, when you cannot control how many people join a lobby.

  • Start at the back, again you cannot control where you start.
  • Finish 1st, can be done if you can escape all of the crashing at the start.

Basically, if you happen to have a 24 man lobby where you start at the back, you just have to pray that you can get past most of the pack on lap one! Either way, I’m going to enjoy trying to get this one properly and I’ll definitely post it to Youtube if I manage it.


Way more now… plenty of gaming sessions to get this… in the one I was in yesterday it was noted that the person starting at the back tended to be the person who had just changed their car… overall it’s not as hard as it first looked.

Yap, as super GT pointed out.

This is very lucked based.
You might get into a 24 lobby but you can’t influence your starting position.

Seriously this achievement needs to be rethinked asap.

Honestly you have better odds winning the lottery while being struck by lightning in Africa


Hello everyone

For the “Thru the Pack” achievement, you are supposed to start at last place in a multiplayer race with 24 cars and go on to win.
As it was pointed out in other threads, you can only add 5 Drivatars per human player in a private lobby, so there was the assumption that having 4 real players with the rest being Drivatars would be enough to get this achievement done.
But this doesn’t seem to be the case.
As was reported at, people who tried this method didn’t get the achievement to unlock.
They had 4 humans, the rest filled with Drivatars resulting in 24 cars on track as the achievement description says (and starting from last place of course) but still, the achievement wouldn’t unlock.
Now there is speculation about whether it was because of the private lobby (even though every other achievement can be worked on in private lobbies) or because there are actually 24 human players and no drivatars required for this.

It would be nice if the staff could respond to this and clarify what the requirements really are or whether this is a bug of some sort.


To me it seemed kind of common sense that it would be 24 players in a 24 car multilayer race. Who knows maybe I’m just weird, but it sounds like it is the correct thought.

Unlike the other Achievements which are skill-based I reckon this one will prevent me from getting 100%, much like the Kinect Achievement from FM4.

If the Achievement is changed to something like “Win a public multiplayer race from the back of the grid.” for example I think that would be fine; it’s the 24 car requirement which will make this unattainable for most players, purely because of the extra randomness factor it provides.

First of all, there will be many many more people playing multiplayer when the game actually releases. Do you expect full lobbies in pre-release?

This achievement does not need to be rethinked - it’s exactly that - an achievement, something one must actually achieve. It won’t just be handed to you - learn to live with that and go work for it.

So the game is not even fully live yet you see a chevo that seems impossible to get and now you want it changed because it is what. To hard to get? Will take to much time ? Oh right all based on luck not skill. Will I guess you better change the painting and tune one for me because I’m not very skilled at either and it will be pure luck for me to complete both of them.

I’m sorry but people that want things changed because it is not just a give me chevo are one selfish because they need to have the 100% thing to puff there chests out and two not willing to accept that sometimes you need a bit of luck in life to get something you really want… Why don’t you just try for a little bit before you decide to complain about something gosh…