Hey Turn10,

Do you guys remember all the hype over Project Cars before it launched? Remember how so many people stopped playing Forza and jumped on the Pcars bandwagon? What happened there? That game was incomplete and full of bugs. It suffered an early death because of it. Do you think they will ever recapture the interest in their game? Chances are they won’t.

You guys followed along the same path and created a ton of hype this summer about Forza 6. Its so great, there are so many cars… blah, blah, blah. Guess what? Your game is incomplete and full of bugs. You completely blew it. The nonsense that is going on with the drivetrain swaps making cars insanely fast has ruined the game. The leaderboards are laughable and the lobbies are a joke. People have been telling you about the problems now for 2 weeks. What have you done about it? Absolutely nothing.

Oh, you’re investigating, that’s right… Well here’s the result of my investigation. You’re game is crap. The lower classes and a large portion of the 450 cars you went on and on about are completely devoid of any realism. First off, why is making a Mini or Rx3 AWD even an option? Its moronic.

Stop your investigating and FIX IT. The short term answer is simple. Ban all drivetrain conversions and do a complete leaderboard wipe. Your paying customers deserve this, not some lame story about an investigation. If you ban the conversions and do a wipe, at least the game will be close to what it should be. If you want to keep looking into things and bring back the idiocy of making a Datsun 510 into an awd car, then do it at a later date. Your game doesn’t need drivetrain conversions. What it needs is to remove the ability for a 90 hp car to go over 160 mph.

Fix it already…


Sure, the game has bugs. Plenty of games have bugs.

I challenge you to name ONE game that had ALL (or even “most”) bugs corrected within two weeks. Oh, that’s right. There aren’t any.

You gotta lighten up. Yes, AWD conversions are broken. So are race diffs. So, don’t use them. The worst offenders are banned from LBs and MP anyway.

You are letting one bug ruin an otherwise excellent game.


Its not an excellent game. The competitive balance is gone. When a Newb can beat one of the elite players by over 10 seconds by exploiting a glitch, then the game can not be considered excellent in any way. They could fix this very quickly with what I proposed. Nah, we can’t do that… the 74 Celica has to have AWD as an option to go along with the Rally motor, tcs, stm, and abs. You know, just like the way you could purchase one at your Toyota dealer back in 1974.

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What is the problem with race diffs? I have looked in the support forum but cannot find any info

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The point is it’s only a game and each person pays their money and makes their choice I particularly like the freedom to do whatever customization of a car I like and would not be able to do in real life that’s part of the fun so just lighten up and have fun.


I’m hardly alone with my opinion. Take a look at any leaderboard. What you notice is the absence of most of the top players. There is no point in playing it if you want to compete. The game is seriously flawed…


But since who is or isn’t a top player is subjective that can hardly be used to as proof, because surely whoever is top of the leader board is the top player and since all the upgrades for the cars are available for everyone to use just use them to your advantage and become the top player.


I guess to the leaderboard guys, this is close to a dealbreaker. If you really want broken, you should have my problems. I can barely drive in F6 because something is seriously wrong with FFB response between my TX wheel, Forza 6 install or my XB. Completely baffled.

If all you do is leaderboard stuff, I can see your point, it’s a waste of time. But outside of hotlapping, there is a game inside. Thought about racing single player for a while? Joining an online club or league?

And yes, drivetrain swaps have been a point of contention since Forza 1. I don’t know how broken they are because I have my own issues to cry over. But rather than have them done away with completely - save for those cars which could actually have them done - I’d rather have them as a fantasy option for those of us who like to pretend we’re bazillionaires and can make anything work given enough cash. Maybe you should find some other way to enjoy F6 in the meantime, or play something else. In my case, I’ve been doing a lot of Gran Turismo, P CARS, Race Room, Assetto Corsa…

AWD on a Mini or an RX-3 may not be overly realistic, but the way T10 have portrayed it is. Basically, they’re showing you what it would be like to have AWD on a Mini or RX-3. It may not be exact, but like you said, it’s not realistic, so who’s gunna know if it’s really a simulation of it if no one owns an AWD Mini or RX-3?

BTW, I doubt not one person on Earth owns an AWD Mini or RX-3. It’s ludicrous to think that. I know it’s a contradiction to what I stated above, but I’m just clearing that up.

There are definitely project builds of minis that have been converted to AWD just use Google you will be surprised at what some people have built.

This isn’t a game breaker. These upgrades are available to all, realistic or otherwise and we’re all free to upgrade however we want. If someone buys the game only to have their name at the top of a LB then perhaps I can understand the frustration but an unrealistic build dominating a track isn’t that much different to a track being dominated by a car you don’t want to use.

My own view of upgrades is that I’d like to see all engine conversions gone for good and drivetrain conversions limited to FWD and AWD to RWD as these are plausible and more commonly used.

Having said that, if I get beaten by a V10 quad turbo AWD Fiat 500 so be it. I can rest easy knowing my little 267bhp Honda may actually exist somewhere on the planet :slight_smile:


At the op, you should see some of the real world crazy mods that have been done to the classic Mini. AWD and V8 engines are the more usual ones to them, if a little extreme. As Davejc64 said, you just need to google it.

Did you ever play GTA online in the early days? If so have you played it now? Only took them a year to fix it.

I’d rather they took their time and fixed the issue properly, changing one part of the physics can break other things or create another monster LB car.

I’d be sad to see all swaps go, the ridiculous ones can ones where the engine wouldn’t physically fit can be lost but most are fun and a lot are slower than a stock engine and chassis tune.

I’m 100% with you. I thought this game was going to be incredibly good. It isn’t. There are so many issues repeated in so many threads.
I play Forza religiously since 2009 and this is how I see the series:

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Multiple threads just points to either not using or having a very poor search function. I’d go for the latter personally tried to find a thread I know exists yesterday but gave up after 15 minutes…

All the games had issues at launch, FM4 broken muscle car PI, FM3 Audi PI Bias, FM5 I didn’t play at launch, I do have it but never really enjoyed it as its literally half the game FM4 was. FM6 has the potential to be up there with 4, the lack of auctions and storefronts still annoys me but it has a enough cars and tracks to keep you busy for a long time.

People were screaming just as much when 4 came out…when 3 came out as well people do love a whinge. I suspect that if you made someone who had never played forza read this forum for a day then played the game they wouldn’t realise the 2 were related.

Thats just ignorance mate do you honestly think everyone wants to whinge about a game they have spent their hard earned money on. How can you play a game riddled with bugs?? Im a tx wheel user and the game is pretty unplayable for competitive online racing due to known bugs. Aside from bugs, there are still tracks missing what most of the community wanted, lack of features, copy and paste carlist fromm fm5 fh2, same old lobby leaderboard cars etc etc, i mean cmon really?? Jeez t10 you really dont listen to your fan feedback. I loved this franchise but this game is the worst imo. Im getting bored already with this title, yes forzavista looks great but theres only so long i can look around and realise this is lucklustre. Id rather have open lobbies and no forzavista to be honest. They should scrap fm7 and bring back forza 4 and just polish the graphics for next gen. This was a masterpiece of a game, it was just pure fun throughout… something forza 6 isnt Im afraid.

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Forza Motorsport is no hyper realistic simracing game. that you can upgrade cars with drivetrain is no new features and discussion about some cars isn´t new too. so why you guys buy the game if you don´t like the upgrade- and PI System? there was always cars in the fm history that dominates the leaderboards.

First off, Project Cars was COMPLETELY unplayable because the controls didn’t work, the audio didn’t work and quite a few other issues. Having cars with AWD that weren’t created with AWD didn’t give the game an early death. I won’t even waste my time on the horrible experience that was Project Cars.

Secondly, If you haven’t paid attention to the real car scene, which judging from your post you haven’t, insane swaps and HUGE horsepower are not very much of a stretch these days. Cars making 400-500whp are for mom to drive the kids to school. 1,000 hp GTR’s and LS swapped turbo anythings are so common place they’re considered overplayed. So why would it be out of the realm of possibility for someone to make a RX-3 or Mini AWD? And if it is “glitched” and they do wipe them out and “reset” the leaderboards what then? Is someone not going to exploit the game some other way? I mean this is completely new and NEVER happened in a Forza game before…

And now for your viewing pleasure:

Not AWD but insane nonetheless:

So tell me why these cars can’t exist in a video game when people are building them in real life? Because you’re butt hurt over leaderboard times? So the entire game is ruined and should immediately been removed from the shelves? If the game didn’t work, ala Project Cars, then by all means Turn 10 should be addressing the issue. Because you don’t like the idea that someone can swap a huge engine and different drivetrain in a car and be on top of a leaderboard is not even a valid excuse for this post, let alone demanding anything from Turn 10


11 days…this is how long the game has been on general release…

So if everything is not fixed within a fortnight we declare “worst game evaaaah!” and move on to another game?

Tx wheel issues are definitely a shame hopefully they are on it, but things take time…

whos declared worst game ever?? People are sharing their opinions with other gamers whos having problems and discussing what they dont like about the “biggest forza ever”…
yes i agree things do take time but wheres t10s acknowledgement to the bugs. Not even a statement saying “we are looking into it guys give us some time”. There too busy promoting forza fuel and twitch uploads. Thats whats making matters worse…

And you state time, why is it then there are still bugs/glitches from other forza titles that still havent been addressed. For e.g (one of many) Isnt 2 years long enough for them to rectify the infamous evo x turbo glitch?
look at the list of bugs, do you really thing these will all be patched because judging by previous titles they wont. I hope they are but history differs im afraid.