Unable to sweep camera around dash (controller and cockpit cam)

Edit:- Is this not possible to do on PC? Even though I plugged in a controller?

I am not talking about the basic looking to 4 sides. I mean how do I turn the camera so that it appears like I am looking left and right from inside the car?
As it stands now, when I bend the right stick in cockpit view, it just shows me the sides from a view outside the car, so I am unable to see the seats, side mirrors and window.

I used to think it couldn’t be done but recently I looked at the E3 trailer video from a few years ago and in that video, there was a moment when they show the camera actually turning in a manner similar to turning your head. How do I do that?
If I am not explaining well, then maybe you can relate if I tell you that I want it to behave like a VR headset would feel, except while using the right stick instead turning in a VR.

Move the stick up then over slightly to the left or right. You can do this in Forza 6 but not sure if it’s in Forza 7

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It’s in FM7, as well. If we call straight up 0*, rolling the right stick from about 45* left to about 45* right, you can sweep the view across the entire dash. Once you get past that 45*, it’ll snap to a full 90* side view.

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I tried that but it’s not working.
I moved the right stick straight up and then slowly rotated it to the side. Nothing happened. After a bit, it just went to the outer view 90 degrees again. I am still unable to see the dash

Even when slowly pulled around to 45 degrees, it looks to the side as if I pulled to 90 degrees. I am sure this is not the problem with my controller.
Is the look feature I mentioned not available on PC version? Could that be it?

Weird. Are you on PC?

Yes I am on PC. Using controller.

Gotcha. I’m not going to be of much help, then. Been years since I did any PC gaming. Hopefully someone else can chime in and help you get it sorted. Best of luck.


can anyone on pc tell me?

Are you talking about smoothly moving your view around the interior with 6 degrees of freedom? If so, I don’t think that’s a thing in FM7. You basically have views at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°.

yes that is what I meant. So it’s not there…