Interior cockpit camera look around

Why can we just stay in car when looking around, when i look left id like to see just the inside not just a camera view and same goes when for when looking backwards id prefer looking through my rear seats and window as done in other games, also HUD in cars where they at?

Last little inconvenience but this is the 8th Forza why is there no tire smoke or dirt debris in mirrors Horizon also has this issue

It will be welcomed to have the possibility to move view around fully, not just in horizontal direction but also vertically, to actually enjoy fully how cars interiors (enjoy how car interiors are made in the game), see the avatar changing the gears or pushing/releasing the pedals. It will actually improve vastly the player’s immersion from the ride. Great inspiration for this camera behavior is Project Cars 2’s cockpit camera or the laters WRC game made by Codemasters. They really nailed how cockpit camera should look like/behave.

I’ve recently played F1 23 and really liked this feature on that game as well. It would be very nice if Forza had that feature too.