Unable to gain rank in ranked adventure

Hi, i was playing forza horizon 4 for a while. A weeks ago i noticed that there is a “ranked adventure” mode where you get prizes at the end of the season. I started playing it but every time, winning or loosing, my rank was at league 20: 0+0. I have already played like 20 of these and i waited for the season to reset and tried again but still 0+0. Here is the proof: https://streamable.com/mssfv - https://streamable.com/7psjm

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I’ve had this problem since I started playing the game. I’ve submitted two tickets about it. The first time they did nothing and marked it as “solved”. The second time they also marked it as “solved” and said “we are currently looking into this”. I’d be surprised if anything gets done.

Until now this problem still not change

It’s been an issue for at least a year or two (used to work fine), wouldn’t hold my breath at it’ getting sorted out, especially now FH5 is out.

can’t see the video

only team racing has worked for me recently but I always end up with last series score because someone always quits and that prevents scoring for whatever strange reason; maybe that is what is going on, you have had the same run of luck as me and haven’t had a session where no-one quits so you have not actually been able to score points

IIRC, if someone quits, the rest of the team gets nothing, it’s always been that way (happy to be corrected, memory isn’t what it used to be, but that’s the part I’m pretty sure I remember correctly)

that’s what I was stating, yes, I think it applies to all online modes, as a matter of fact

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