Glitch on Ranked Adventure

Recently I’ve been having a problem with Ranked Adventure. I’ll tell you what it is. Every time I complete either Ranked Team Racing or Ranked Team Games, and I get a very big score, when I look at them again to start another game, when I look at the league numbers they have reverted back to what they were before. For example, on Team games, when I get a score and I rank up to another rank, when I look at it again it has reverted back to the score I had when I was rank 12, which is 2098. Is this glitch going to get fixed?

On the basis that the issue has been in the game for nearly a year and that PG have not fixed it, or indeed made any announcement about it at all, I think it’s a fair assumption to say it won’t be fixed. There are several threads on this issue already by the way which should be easy to find on the forum.