Unable to Connect?!?

So I’ve been trying to join any multiplayer match since yesterday when Xbox Live went all crazy. Now I can play any other video game but Forza won’t let me play online to save my life. I don’t know what else to do I reset my modem tested my connection I do have an open NAT. Everytime I try to join a match it says unable to join lobby. any ideas?

Start with a cold boot of your console. Hold the power button on the console for 5 seconds. When fully powered down restart and see if you can join. Post here if it works or fails.

Do what ed said and also check to see if u updated forza… If u haven’t u won’t be able to connect to multiplayer

Hey that actually worked. I did everything else but that because I could connect in every other game but Thank Bro. I’m back online! :slight_smile:

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If that helped you it means you may want to consider changing a seting on your console.

It defaults to instant on mode. What this means is when you turn it off, it is only in standby mode which helps it auto update games etc. But it can break connections each time you turn it off. To prevent that from happening you can change the setting to energy save mode which means when you turn it off it is fully off. This allows it to refresh connections properly but you lose the auo update of games.

If you want to change it pres the menu button on the main dash and go to settings. Bottom right is power and startup. Around middle of the screen it may say instant on. Change that to energy save mode.

If you want to keep it on instant on mode and auto update that is ok. IF you ever have issues connecting to an online game just do the cold reboot.