Unable to connect to server????

So once again another issue with Forza at this point it will be the last Turn 10 Title i buy

So aside from crashing every 15 minutes the game is now not allowing me to connect to online races. I have restarted the game and computer as well as routers and such. No matter the hopper i try to join can not connect to server. I cant even make pub lobbies with friends. How can you at Turn 10 Justify Launching this game on PC with no real test base behind it to make sure it is a functioning game. I moved away from console gaming and was excited to see one of my favorite titles move to PC Forza. At this point though you guys and gals have shown me that you really dont care about us as your consumers any more because you launched a game to PC that has had nothing but major issues and yet to compensate anyone for the troubles it has brought.

Known Issues:

Memory leak
Unable to connect to online sesrvers
Crashing if you run through rims to fast
Crashing if you jump around from different tire compounds to fast
Cut scenes with no sound at certain points

Also the concept for the Drivitar AI is the worst idea ever as there is nothing but corner cutting and ramming AI in every race. I Slam my breaks and watch the AI just Nut punch one another through the first 5 corners or any corner where there are at least 3 AI or more.

Still Waiting on some kind of Answer or Post from Turn 10 as to why every time i try to play online it tells me “Failed to Aquire Server Data” It would really be nice to be able to race against people online instead of the Trash AI that are in the game


I’m suffering this issue since begining. I waited for long months to buy this game, my favorite race game. I spent 65 € in this game, and what’s my surprise? i can’t play it in multiplayer online.
When i go in lobby i can’t stay more than 5 or 6 minutes inside, cause server throw me out. Sometimes i get to go into race and start it, but i rarely can finish it, when i’m in second or third lap, server throw me out. Then it turn impossible to conect again for me. “failed to adquire server data” the whole time. I’ve investigated a lot, i have been looking for solutions. Anything worked. I called technical support and what is my surprise? they have no clue about how to fix this problem. The only they did was telling me “Well, you can go to official forum FM7” any solution, any advice, ANYTHING. I really have tried everything to try enjoy this game and it’s just impossible, cause servers and conectivity are really bad. Please we need a solution fast because our patiente is close to finish. Our game experience is completely affected for this issue and lots more, but this make impossible to play this game.