Disconnected from server

Been trying to join any Hopper tonight and all I get is repeated Disconnect from Server messages. Anyone else ever experience this?


Which region are you in?

I’ve got the same issue as well. I’m in the UK.

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I’m in the US. Eastern time zone.

I’m getting this issue a lot too (US, Mountain Time). I tried connecting for about 30 minutes on two separate occasions yesterday and couldn’t get into a match. Bummed.

I get this a lot too. I find that dropping out to the XBox dashboard and manually stopping Forza and reloading it fixes the problem, at least temporarily.

I’m getting this pretty much constantly.

The worst is when you’re 5 seconds away from getting first in a race and you get disconnected. It’s happened many times…

i get the same problem in forza 7 when i play leagues i get 2 errors the i get disconnected then i try joining in

So I thought that with this latest update maybe the server connection would be fixed, but nope I still get disconnected from every race. (usually on the last lap) I live in Switzerland and my internet is not the problem as I can play any other game online fine. Does anyone have any idea if there is a problem with Forza’s European servers? It is very frustrating.

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I still get disconnected, generally when i’m in the tuning menu BUT I prefer getting disconnected rather than the game crashing. The crashing has stopped for me

its not just forza 7 now its also horizon i thought maybe its cause im playing on PC but my friend is getting it as well on his xbox what is going on with the servers

Im in London England and im having the same damn problem , after every other race in all the classes and homoligation lobbies too, YOU’VE BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM THE SERVER. it’s a big fat joke . i dare not create a looking post cause ill be kicked out my own lobby loooooooooool and it ONLY HAPPENS WITH TURN10 FORZA MOTORSPORT 7

I too am having issues in Toronto, Canada with disconnecting lobbies since the June update. Racing in B class is especially bad, I can’t even stay connected to the lobby as it has kicked me out either racing, waiting, or entering the race. Plus it doesn’t matter if it’s full or partial, same thing. Git on it T10, the disconnect issue is rubbish!

I get disconnected so many times.
Either when I’m back in the lobby after a race (70% of the time), or while trying to select a car (30% of the time).
“Trying” because the car selection is still the most unresponsive I’ve ever seen in a videogame, and it was never fixed. This leads to a freezing of the interface. The next thing I see is my car from behind (in the pits) and I immediately get booted from the lobby, back to the multiplayer class selection.

Servers went downhill in the last couple of months.
I’m from germany but it seems this is not only a european problem.
Prior to this problem I had the usual crashes and freezes of the game but it was somewhat okay, since I really like racing in Forza.
But at the moment the game is almost not playable for me.
I have a constant 22 ping in every game I play but Forza tells me I have high ping in certain lobbies.
Even in lobbies where everything seems fine, somewhere during the race I get the “high latency” warning and then get immediately kicked with the message “Connection to lobby lost.” “Mulitplayer not available”. I always make a speedtest right after I get kicked but everything is capped at max(DL/UL) and ping is constant at 22.
The only time of the day where I can play is in the evening (everything after 8pm).

I am pretty sure something is wrong with the servers. Maybe invest more in proper server location and server distribution.

E: I took part in the 24H of Nürburgring in Forza last weekend and boy were there disconnects. The whole race got messed up because people kept disconnecting (sometimes even after 1h 30min of driving!) and your usual Forza freeze/crash.

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Usually I get a message saying “Multi player currently unavailable, please try again later” and I’m in USA, CA, Van Nuys in an apartment.

Just a quick update in the hopes that the Forza team see this! The disconnects from your servers are awful in multi-player hoppers for Forza 7, I feel like we are back at the beginning of Forza two years ago it’s so bad. I can’t get one race in where I don’t get disconnected from multi-player, I almost feel like the game is useless at this point because I can’t stay connected. Whatever happend at the beginning of June for the June update it’s been a mess trying to race online. My ping is 7ms, I have 1000 mps download and 25 mps upload in Toronto and the modem is new, so it’s not my connection. I have never had an issue with disconnects except for the one offs here and there and at the beginning when Forza launched and I feel I am right back there. Ya need to look into this as with a game that is 2 years old and has dwindling numbers ya need the hardcores like me to keep it going because atm this game is unplayable for some of us. Cheers and thanks! OH, just a heads up! This doesn’t happen with any other game, NONE at all, only yours.

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How is this still not fixed. May have to switch to PS at this point and play GT

I have had this issue for about 6 months now and it seems they dont want to do anything. I have the issue in horizon as well and i opened a ticket with them and they told me there was nothing they could do. I regret buying this game i have not once ever been able to complete an online match.