Unable to connect to Horizon Life

I keep getting the same problem. Except today it’s changed from Europe to now Central US

Steps I’ve tried to fix it:

  1. Click Start , type services.msc in Start search box and hit Enter.
  2. Right-click the Peer Networking Grouping service and select Properties .
  3. Check if the service is started; if not, right-click and select Start .
  4. You may also set the Startup type to Automatic under Properties .
  5. Click OK .
    and restart the computer.
    if that dosent work. do this to.

. Run command Prompt as administrator
2. Type “netsh” and press enter
3. Type “int teredo” and press enter
4. Type “set state disabled” and press enter
5. Type “int ipv6” and press enter
6. Type “set teredo client” and press enter

And that hasn’t fixed it. It’s been 10 hours. I just wanna get online and start doing dumb stuff with my friends.

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IM SUFFERING FROM THE SAME PROBLEM :((( cant play online. pls help!!!

Hoping that someone from Playground/Turn 10 will help us.

same issue