Ultimate Edition + All remaining DLCs: Necessary or Not Necessary?

I was planning to buy myself Forza Horizon 3 with all of the DLCs, but they cost way expensive all together. And I can’t even decide which edition I should buy. So the question, is it necessary to have everything in the game (Base game and all DLCs all together)? And any recommendation of which edition I should go with (Standard, Deluxe or Ultimate)?

The standard game already includes hundreds of cars which have been plenty for me. In my opinion the expansions are better than having extra cars, and they are discounted quite often.

I don’t know what country you’re in, but Amazon UK currently have big discounts on all editions of FH3, only available to UK customers.

If you do the Ultimate Edition, that includes 6 of the packs from the Season Pass. The Expansion Pass, which isn’t included, is I think $25/$30, a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it. I would also recommend buying the base game, or ultimate, and holding off on the Expansion Pass until it goes on sale again. It happens quite a bit actually and the price drop is decent.

Deluxe + Vip its Nice