UI - Lookout circuit not on map

I’m in the hall of fame. , everything should be unlocked by this point as well.My map does not show look out circuit. I’m trying to 3 star the game please help that be great.

I have the same problem. It just doesn’t show up

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I know why now… Lookout Circuit is part of the seasonal challenges. The road racing filter doesn’t work

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@RUBZ95 we’re doing periodic check-ins: would you please confirm if this bug continues to be an issue after updates released since you first reported it, or was this related to the seasonal Festival Playlist?

I can fully confirm that this is still an issue.

Just tried it out in the running season.

If a race is the first part of the seasonal TRIAL then this race is not shown on the map when its “normal” race category is selected.

This is a textbook example of how the game is confusing new players when they try to understand playing FH5.

Playing on XSX.


We’re closing this thread due to low reports / reproductions. If you are still experiencing this issue you can create a new topic. At the time of the closing this topic had 3 votes.

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