Map filter shows accolades only


Another “…map filter isn’t working…”.
Installed FH5 Standard Edition first - no map filter.
Purchased and installed Premium Add-ons bundle - no map filter.
Instead, I get a grid of my accolades. NOT the filter that I see in other posts, i.e. the one carried over from FH4.
This is in Campaign mode.
I have reset my console and reinstalled - same issue.
I have contacted support already, but no movement on the ticket.
Can anyone help, please?

Map filter error

Are you pressing the right button, it’s the right top trigger button.

Many thanks!(

In this topic could anyone help me please?

I used the filter to show only trailblazers to complete a seasonal about an hour ago.
Now when I enter my map from the pause menu the prompt in the left bottom corner for RB to filter has disappeared. When I press RB nothing happens.
Like I’ve lost the ability to filter entirely. So I have no wrong on my map except trailblazers!!
Arghhhhhh! Can anyone help?