Am I the only one who can't filter their map?

So after the update, my r1 no longer filters my map. Xbox. Quit game, signed out. Restarted console, nada.


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My issue isn’t new but I would say 90% of the time the map filter works and the other 10% it doesn’t for some reason.

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It has happened to me on and off since game released last year, just had it happen again last night.

I pretty much just restart game and its solved… annoying but it fixes it each time for me.

If the usual turn it off / turn it on doesn’t help I’m wondering if maybe the button got remapped ?

whenever you do online related content like open racing or Playground Games and get back to the actual game, the mapfilter won’t work anymore. current fix: restart the game. you’re welcome

Hmm, never had that happen to me (XBox One) but it could be one of those bugs some get and others don’t, even on the same platform. Don’t see it in the Issues lists either (known, fixed, or “by design”). If that is something you noticed please report it. Sure they might not fix it soon but if they don’t know about it the time to fix approaches infinity :wink:

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I appreciate the reply. I have been enjoying the open racing, but this is occurring on startup. Drive from my house, gift notification, cannot filter. Back out, drive a foot, start menu, still no ability to filter.
I’ll report it as a bug. May just be me.

I had no filter on my map after I tried to open the seasonal eventlabs which were glitched. Im on PC, I did not have any previous issues. Fix for the eventlab glitch is in the troubleshooting fourm.

I get this regularly on the xbox when I’ve been doing online racing. If I quit or opt not to join the next session, I can’t filter the map after I’ve returned to freeroam.

send a ticket guys, maybe it’s getting finally in the known issues list and even might me fixed within the next 10 to 20 years.

Same here. This has happened many times to me. Restart is the only fix. XSX here