Map cannot be selected after certain playing time

Hello everyone!

Since the update two weeks ago, I have the problem, that after a certain amount of playing time (~30min) I can no longer select the map in the main menu (campaign tab) on my Xbox One - the pointer simply no longer goes there. Everything else is selectable: Festival Playlist, Horizon Adventures, Awards, etc. - I just can’t select on Map.

After restarting the game it works again.

I don’t know if this issue only affects the Xbox One version, but it’s a bit annoying.


Playing on a PC and I sometimes get the same issue. I’m unsure of when and why it occurs, but it seems to have something to do with opening the game bar, alt-tabbing, or moving the mouse cursor, however, only the game bar is present on Xbox so idk… :confused:

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Just had this happen on xsx

Did some of the pr stunts this season, first race of the cult legends sc and now I can’t select the map tile in the menu

Video proof @JetPartySalad :slight_smile:

Had to quit game and restart to fix. Going to festival site and back into world didn’t do anything

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Happened just now.

Did the event lab on EL Island, travelled back to Mexico

Map cannot be selected

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On PC, also had this happen after doing the Seasonal Event on the Island.

Reloading the game works to fix it.