Uhm, did you actually playtest V10 Scene 95?

So, I can win most of my races on the 1st place on unbeatable difficulty. But Scene 95 of V10 feels like a joke. The Jesko is sliding all over the place and you just can’t keep up with the AI on higher difficulties. Did you actually test this before release? I had to lower the difficulty just for this single chapter and it shouldn’t be like this. The Bugatti drives like it is fixed on a rail while your Jesko can’t even get to full power because the road is wet and this hypercar just isn’t suited for dirt at all with this kind of tuning.


-Turn on TCS and STM

  • Learn how you should drive cars with this much power. Go easy on power = start with only slightly pressing RT and increase pressure progressively with your speed.

I do agree it shouldn’t be this difficult. But it’s nowhere impossible.


Learn how you should drive cars with this much power.
I do. I didn’t say that i can’t control the sliding. I was complaining about the AI only in this chapter.
I just turned the difficulty down to Expert and I could win it, but I’m not the only one complaining just about this chapter in the V10 story.

Turn on TCS and STM
TCS is turned on, STM is off and I’m fine with that. Did try it with STM on but I was actually better with it turned off.

Start with only slightly pressing RT and increase pressure progressively with your speed.
I do. It wasn’t the real problem but thanks for your feedback anyway.

First of all, your comment is absolutely unnessecary.

Really? are you a god? ow.
Don’t turn my words around and make up something up I’ve never said.

What does it mean? that you were too lucky so far winning “most” of your unbeatable races.
Again, completely useless and off topic. I’m fine with my 95% win rate on Unbeatable and 2nd place in some unlucky cases. But thanks for your deep imaginary insight in my stats.

And in the moment you find one actually unbeatable… you cry. Classic lol.
If you don’t have anything meaningful to add, just leave this discussion and stop making anything out of thin air. I only complained about this chapter and I’m not the only one. Pointing out some balancing issues is not comparable to crying at all.

Obviously you didnt play FH4 at all :stuck_out_tongue:
Now it’s getting ridiculous. Thanks for your useless input tho.

Especially when I just let your last post stand for it’s own:
“But its what we get, we dont have the right to complain at all, for anything, sorry dudes. Next time, dont hurry to buy the next forza title if the previous one was a total disaster. Just a reminder…”


I totally agree with OP as well.

You can’t put Max Verstappen with his F1 Racer against Ken Blocks Rallye Focus on a dirt road and than tell Max Verstappen “Learn how you should drive cars with this much power.”

Its just absolutely stupid gamedesign.

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Really? are you a god? ow.

Take note - unbeatable. What does it mean? that you were too lucky so far winning “most” of your unbeatable races. And in the moment you find one actually unbeatable… you cry. Classic lol.
And btw you should know by now, after so many years, that they NEVER test anything before release. Im amazed that you even had the guts to ask that lol. Obviously you didnt play FH4 at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow…you come across so jelly with that reply. I can assure you that winning races, especially on the unbeatable difficulty, has nothing to do with luck. It’s not like a wheelspin, it’s about reflexes, timing, split second decision making and skill. That was a whiny post that you should ashamed of.


The fact that you think someone has to be a “God” and “lucky” to win most races on the unbeatable difficulty shows just how nonexistent your skill is. Also, that you think luck has anything to do with winning in this genre shows you don’t have much knowledge either.


Nope, but some people for some reasons, alway come to the forums to say the typical phrase “its very easy, i won in my first attempt, three stars, as always” like if it was something easy to do, when you would need dozens of tries if, to achieve it. Maybe this guy is telling the truth, but there are sooo many sheeps out there… reached a point it becomes too annoying. Like the guy posting the playlist tunes, saying “tried once ended first with ease” in every single event. Sorry, nobody believes that.

I tried three times this. I won and ended first in the third try. Its true that its not a difficult event, in fact pretty easy. And my driving skills are over average, i always end up first or second at most on any unbeatable trial but again, skills have nothing to do with the problem. It seems that you guys always prfer to justify the badly design of most events in the game, saying “you need to get better” all the time.

This one is definitely the hardest of the story chapters I’ve done so far. The three star target is 1.45 but, on unbeatable, the Bugatti will do 1.20, so miles faster than the target time. It’s beatable as there some legit times under 1.20 but it is very hard.


The AI is the same dumbfest as it was in FH4. Instead making the AI actual drivers, who will crash, or lose control on jumps, or whatever, they are still completely fun killer. But its what we get, we dont have the right to complain at all, for anything, sorry dudes. Next time, dont hurry to buy the next forza title if the previous one was a total disaster. Just a reminder…


Average keyboard driver here and I didn’t have much problems with Jesko, TCS, and ABS, 1 restart, 3 star and done.
I actually had more problems with other chapters, then this one.
Not sure about difficulty … probably novice or even highly skilled, didn’t came to this mess of a game, to make things even more difficult then needs be. I came for fun.


Keyboard is hard to compare because it has more aids. I would say you have high skill but still on a gamepad it’s more work and on a wheel even more.

This particular one, V10 scene 95, does seem broken to me. Normally I play TCS STM off, manual, AI highly skilled. It was pretty much impossible to keep up with the veyron, just a horrible matchup for you in the jesko even in normal circumstance due to the wet road and then dirt switchbacks, but even then the AI finishes ahead of the 3 star time, and your first objective is to win the race regardless of time. I had to change to TCS/STM on, automatic, and turn down AI difficulty to make it possible to win. With that I was able to complete. Only race so far in the game I had to make such an adjustment.

It was really baffling and I know im not the only one who felt that way, I found this on reddit last week while looking to see if I was the only one

“you’re given a Jesko (in the rain, uphill start) which struggles to put power down in anything that isn’t 5th gear or above against a godlike A.I in a Veyron (immediate AWD advantage) which corners like it’s on rails and THEN the punchline of the joke is the dirt section, lmao 10/10 funny joke”

anyone saying otherwise or that the topic creator needs to learn how to drive the Jesko is probably in on the joke. I was thinking to myself what a horrible showcase for the Jesko as a product, I wonder if the people at Koenigsegg know how it is being shown in game.


Just did this at the first attempt with TCS off, 1:27, 3 star time is 1:45? So not very challenging. Is the time lower on harder difficulties? I don’t know why anyone would really care about playing on harder difficulty, these events are pointless and the only reason to play is to get them done and move on.

These stories are so bad. The previous chapter through town lets you just completely bypass all the jumps and drive straight to the finish! :joy: Game design = fail.

Time doesn’t matter since 1:45 is very easy. What’s important is, that you have to be the 1st. On harder difficulties, the Bugatti’s balance is a bit off.


The time of 1:45 stays the same on harder difficulties, but the AI Bugatti even on expert is finishing in the 1:15-1:17 range, based on the clock the several times I tried it before dropping the difficulty for this. I played FH4 on Pro/Unbeatable usually and have been doing Expert on FH5 normally, TCS/ABS/Stability off, manual shifting, and that time is frankly absurd. Even the top non-hacked times are only 1:15. I dropped the difficulty a ton to get this over with and got a 1:27 and easily won, but the AI time is absurd when only the top 0.01% of players can beat it even on Expert. [edit: to be clear, you need to beat the AI, and the 1:45. if the AI is getting a 1:15, you need to beat 1:15]

It’s less that I care about doing the story on harder difficulty so much as it is that I just don’t normally mess about with lowering the difficulty for stories or anything except a janky track or two (looking at you, Lookout Circuit) where the AI are completely busted. I suspect most other people are in the same boat where their standard difficulty is where they leave things and aren’t in the habit of dropping it for stories.


Yeah try it on harder difficulties, even at highly-skilled AI (there are 3 tiers above that), the AI finishes in around 1:22. Simple solution for this one is to turn the AI down, and put it back to what you prefer for everything else.

So conclusion is, that game is mostly untested and unfinished product, that shouldn’t be released, but kept in testing and fixing phase.
What’s with the team behind it , don’t care or what?



Yup it’s busted alright. The opponent is faster than the 3 star time by a lot.

Thats weird. I have trouble racing on unbeatable and the difficulty below, despite normally being in the top 2-3% of the world mostly. But this challenge was easy for me on the 2nd highest difficulty. When i tried the Goliath on the 2nd highest difficulty, the fastest AI did a 6:20 for me. I think they are very inconsistent.