Tone down some of the story inherent difficulty

This is to echo the problems with the Baja Vocho mission and the mission in the V10 arc where you’re chasing the Bugatti.

The Beetle is soo painfully slow in the Vocho Baja mission that even if you send it across the desert to cut thru the road or cheese it any other way, it would still never be able to beat the 3-star time and I’ve completed almost every story without much issue but this one is painful. I’m 2hrs in, close to 100 tries and STILL no breakthrough. It’s either I am late by just 0.778 seconds OR a whole 1sec. It’s just impossible to do it.

Then the V10 one too. You’re in a Jesko with 1000+hp vsing an AWD Veyron SS and you’ll expect to beat an AWD machine off-road? You have to send it fully into the Bugatti and even if you can do that, you’re spinning your wheels in that mission like mad whereas elsewhere, in the same car, you don’t (I don’t even know what’s wrong with that Jesko in that said mission alone). Worse still, you have to basically cheat the system by turning your difficulty down to “Tourist”-“Novice” then the AI would turn “el stupido” and drive like a snail which defeats the purpose of having any difficulty above that as the AI level above Novice would be driving like they’re the racing god itself.

Please fix or at least make it enjoyable, not a hair-pulling rage fest for christ sake…

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Glad I am not the only one who was getting frustrated with these missions, the V10 one specifically.

The entire V10 missions isn’t that bad and it’s pretty easy to see which ones needs cheesing and which one doesn’t. What was infuriating was that particular mission. It took me awhile and know-how from FH3 and 4 that I had to squeeze down my skillset just so I can pass it with “flying colors”.

However for the life of me, I cannot pass the Vacho Baja mission.

Here’s how I beat both, sorry if I’m not exact I’m doing this from memory. For the Vacho one I stayed on the highway as long as I could until the line to the spot was a straight shot. You stay to the west of the Baja outpost and use a couple roads that are there to keep up some speed. I as soon as I entered the zone I hit the camera with time to spare.

For the Jesko vs Bugatti I turned traction control back on and I actually shoved the Bugatti in one of the turns and then drove off and away.

Hope that helps some of you.

havent done the vocho yet myself … having issue with the silver car/mission(cant remember the name)

the buggati one though i got it in 5~6 tries …
i just kept at it using the rewind and finally the bugatti messed up on the last turn and slammed the wall allowing me to jump in front of it
(i used stock jesko ~ didnt turn off/on any options)

  • and we are shooting a scene for a movie, right?
    so, why do i have to race in the first place?
    it doesnt make sense!

but, yeah most of the stories are really easy and fun to sit back and relax … there is no need to make any of them that hard

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the vocho mission is particulary difficult, near impossible at this point, i don’t think this works as expected,

the jesko mission is not so hard, you just have to dose the power carefully, it was acceptable for me to retry it to get the 3 star, because the car is fun to drive

contrarywise, some missions are really boring to retry, (some photo-taking with old offroads or some “test-driving” mission with a 3 star that’s too narrow… and that queasy vocho drive to baja…)
it’s probably calculated to work with the maximum theoric speed possible by the car they give for the mission, but then, losing a single mph in a curve signifies it’s a lose, and trying to take a shortcut is impossible with a underpowered car, it loses too much speed if you quit the road
probably not tested…
i hope there will be an improvement in a further update

Sure its calculated to work - but I will bet my first born that all of these races has been driven and re-driven by the tech/testing staff at Turn10/Playground Games - so they will have beaten it themselves, they would not put out a game that no-one could beat… and like stated above, someone posting in this thread has beat it.

Why is it a problem that things are a bit hard? so there should be nothing for the hardcore players? just turn down your difficulty or accept that your level is only for 2 stars.

I have not encountered anything remotely hard yet - and if I do, I will either play it until I beat it or let it go if its too tough for me. FH4 kept me amused for 3 years - and I still didn´t complete all the races as some was just not for me(cross country)

The Vocho Baja mission, once you turn off the highway, cut cross country straight to the purple circle, as soon as you cross into the purple snap the picture! You can get it with the 1:48, it’ll be close but you can do it!!

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The Vocho baja chapter is quite difficult.
I managed on tenth try or so.
Use the highway until Alejandra tells you something like ‘lets take the picture…’ - that moment leave the highway and go straight line towards the goal. Try to avoid hitting any cactus. Then keep in mind you dont have to reach the actual mark on the map - you only need to reach the blueish circle. Once you are just inside take the pic.
Might take a few tries… i managed in 1.47.97… :slight_smile:

This should help:

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Yeah, I found most of the 3 star requirements for the stories I did in 4 to be practically impossible, and the same seems to be the case here as well.

This time around some of the boards you have to hit are too difficult as well. Like trying to paint an angel on the head of a pin using a paintball gun.

Quite contrary, my experience from FH4 is if the 3 stars seem to hard, I’m not doing it right.

That’s why I started putting 3-stars guides for other people to use :slight_smile: I try to make them in a way, that following them doesn’t require any special skills or particularly difficult tricks.

The Jesko v Bugatti one on unbeatable is very very hard. The 3 star time is 1.45 but the drivatar in the Veyron will consistently do 1.20 and you have to beat it. It is possible as there are 50 or so players on the leaderboard with sub 1.20 times but I suspect you have to wallride one long corner to do so and my best without doing that was 1.21. I had to turn the difficulty down as I wasn’t prepared to grind that one race all night.

Personally I had no problem with the VW one. Just make sure that you take the picture as soon as you enter the purple section rather than try to reach the actual marker.

Na it was too easy in this game. Was way harder in FH4 and i know from there its better to open map before driving…
Look at the accolades it gives additional hint there is “do 10 jumps” or “destroy whatever” this means u cant follow the line/rules :wink:

There is multiple chapters wich can be done in 30sec or less
* SPOILER WARNING * 09 11 2021 02 27 55 usdecjiw - YouTube

I completely agree. The Showcases are even more annoying now, with the obvious slowdown of the opponent at the end of the race for ‘drama’.

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It was the same in FH4…sometimes I’d be way back due to a mistake or two and I’d see the other vehicle/s come to an almost dead stop to wait for me

The Vocho in the Baja mission was harder than the rest which were stupidly easy. I just don’t see the point of these really? Are they fun?

The showcase events make me feel stupid to play them, even if I drive well, on ‘new racer’ difficulty, the opponents are in front until the final moments when they slow down dramatically to let me ‘steal the win’ at the end… cringe. It’s patronising and wouldn’t even fool a 3-year-old. It’s embarrassing.

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I’ve only done V10 (as I wanted the car) and Vocho nearly finished. V10 took me well over 2 hours solid play - partially caused by my issues with the Bugatti. I didn’t really enjoy it at all. There isn’t any humour, cleverness or sense to the story - I’m supposed to be being filmed in a movie but I can completely ignore the set route for most courses and go and find a shortcut to complete? Frankie suddenly becomes a decent driver at the end despite having apparently been completely incompetent before - am I meant to have been training her? Just junk really. Vocho seems better - at least there is a little backstory with the great grandfather - but still not really worth having.

The Top gear story is the last one I can really recall enjoying in this series. There was some structure to it, some thought into the events (even the shortcut needed on the first one) and I didn’t feel as though I was just box ticking to get a prize.


What’s the point? Game is trying to teach you to look at map and find fastest route. In The Baja isn’t even difficult as long as you don’t follow line at beginning and after “Let’s take the photo” which is your cue to go offroad. Even if you follow line at beginning you should still easily get 2 stars. 3 stars is only important for special prize which you definitely want.

Only ones I can complain about are Test Driver story and Jesko vs Bugatti which is impossible without TC.

In the Baja is sufficiently difficult that a lot of people are complaining about it. I think I completed it with a few tenths to spare, taking the optimal route. (This is a popular video showing it, not mine.)

Yet there are others with a target of minutes which you can literally do in 20 seconds by just completely ignoring the entire route because the finish line isn't geographically far from the start line. Presumably this is the sort of thing which any basic course in game design would teach not to allow? There's another one where you aren't allowed to leave the road, and yet you ARE allowed to leave the road for long periods (I think it was 40 seconds! Longer than FH4 where IIRC it was ten) so again you can just cut out massive parts of the course.

I almost feel bad for whoever designed the intricate route because a lot of players are going to just ignore it and take a straight route to do it quicker. When people want to get things done quicker because playing it properly isn’t fun, that’s a problem.

If it wasn’t for achievements etc. I wouldn’t be doing it.

Incidentally, looking at the achievements, I doubt I will be getting 100%, some of them are very demanding, and I don’t mean skill wise, I mean in terms of all the stars needing to align and other things out of your direct control.