Unbeatable Road Racing accolades

Hey folks,

For anyone who struggles getting those unbeatable accolades (“Trials and Tribulations” and “Unbeatable Road Racing”), I made a quick video guide for you:

The method doesn’t require use of specific blueprints and suits players of any skill level.


As always, any feedback is welcome.


Seems fair enough. I’m going to try it with my own tune.

EDIT: Just looked at it, and it’s a D100… so a cheat. I’m not doing that.

I have to win a fair way somehow.

Slow isn’t cheating. Lowering to a valid class is still a legit way to deal with runaway drivatars.
He offered a solution to beat unbeatable and it did exactly that.


A cheat? Really?

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It’s a cheat to me, the game has a bug that makes the drivatars copy your tune, but if you lower the tune it works against them, so it’s a programming error. I don’t want to win with a programming error. If it was top of the range D class or whatever it goes up to OK.

Drivatars definitely do not copy your tune. At all.

They try to match your PI but do it in a weird way which sometimes results in them outperforming you stupidly and sometimes the opposite.

This is very evident with cross country races, like current CC seasonal, where coming in with a wrong tune ends up with top 2 drivatars just flying away even on lower difficulties.

The guide above just uses exactly same mechanic, simply locking the AI in a lowest possible bracket and therefore limiting its ability to put together unrealistically performing build.

And you still need to race them. Try ramming and wallriding your way through that race and you’ll see you’re unable to catch up with the first.

So yeah, a kind of a cheat that requires you to drive full race and drive it clean to work. Definitely a cheat.


Do you mean they match your PI?

Because they’dont use the same build. I can prove that.


This is an exploit. I would advice players NOT to use this method.

As far as I see, everything in the my video uses game mechanics exactly as they are designed and intended. So no, it’s not an exploit at all.


Same thing was said about previous exploits like this before they cracked down on it.

Thats fair, I used PI100 cars becuase it’s my own idea, if it was not my idea i would think cheat/exploit.

People are different and have different morals and beliefs. I think using line and braking line and rewind is cheating because i wont do it. So everyone cheats but me.

I don’t use rewinds either.

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Like what for example? AFK racing and wheelspins spamming? Those are definitely not using the game as intended. But well, I guess we’ll agree to disagree here.


I already noticed that the lower my PI was the worse the Ai became, but I avoided taking advantage of it. The cheat is on yourself to change the world to work for you, but that doesn’t happen in real life, so a cheat.

Exactly. First you cheat in game. Then you cheat on your wife. Next thing you end up in prison.


I can prove the opposite. 100% depends on vehicle choice. Easiest way is drag racing a D100 vehicle that’s completely stock. Straight off the line, the AI will blow you away because its tires don’t slip. You’ll come in dead last or close to it every time, especially if you pick a vehicle that forces the AI to use the same vehicle as you.

I had found the same exploit with a B700 Shelby Daytona. I can jump into the lead within the first four or five corners and beat the AI by anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds. Problem is… that’s not fun. I shouldn’t have to depend on exploits to win. I’ve been playing racing games since the early 1980’s. In terms of AI quality, FH5 is the worst racing game I’ve played.

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Cheating would be using an unfair advantage, but as everyone drives in the same PL…

And I did some P100 races with the R4 where I almost don’t stand a chance against the beetles, especiall at offroad or grip races. Funny thing was the fact, that the drivatars could use offroad tires, that would have broken my P100 level on my car.

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I haven’t looked at what Quadro set up so I won’t speak to that.

With D100 tunes, some cars will stay at D100 regardless of how much power is added. They’re tire limited. You would have to add more grip for the PI to change. When you race them the drivatars will use a tune with similar PI but not match your power. Especially with tc on it makes winning easy. On any straights you just pull away.

I used the trial, seasonal championships and blueprints mostly so I’m not judging anyone. More recently I have been using a B700 73 Skyline for beating the unbeatables legit.

Edit: took a quick peek at Quadro’s video and it looks like just good driving. Gave it a like.

I’m doing the same with a B700 Shelby Daytona on unbeatable. I wouldn’t call it legit. The AI is still not bound by the game’s physics and has a huge advantage. You and I are simply taking advantage of an OP exploit to beat the broken AI.

I’m not sure I follow your logic with the Skyline. It’s a class upgrade from C518 and I haven’t found it easy. Usually takes most of the race to get out front if I make it at all.