TX Wheel +Basher CPX + Fanatec Pedals = Friends

I run the Thrustmaster TX wheel with Fanatec Clubsport V2 pedals using the Basher Boards CPX adapter. Last night I was doing the September Bounty Hunter and it got me thinking, I would like to add anyone who uses the same set up (CPX and any fanatec pedals) to my friends list. I don’t do a ton of multiplayer but I’d love to compare rival times.

Add me: Hurt MaGurt
Or add your name below…thanks!

Quick question, does the CPX adapter work with the regular CSR pedals?

No. CSR Elite and Clubsport V1 / V2

feel free to add me. I have the same set up. I also have a top 250 tune for the GTO tuned on the wheel for the wheel

Same setup here but running CSP V1. I tend to pick cars I want to drive over what is the fastest on the leaderboard. I’m not the fastest but sure do enjoy this setup! I have a tune for Sept Bounty Hunter up, 1970 Chevelle. Current pb is 2:24:8xx with it if you want to give it go. Lastest version.
I ran a PTSW with the same pedals for FM3/FM4 still with original firmware in the wheel. After running the Tx on FM5 since launch I must admit I prefer this setup the best. Especially after the August update. Sim steering is much better overall now. Before I needed a car tuned for balance before it was drivable. That same dynamic is there but now feels more natural to me in how it responds to loosing grip or suddenly aquiring it.
I’ve been doing more multiplayer these days over rivals but alway go back try an improve a pb. I’m more interested in having fun driving what I like and improving than winning a race outright at all cost.
Add me if you want. Its always good to have some other times to chase.

Add me, I used Phoxxy’s GTO set up. Worked great for me, like it was tuned for a wheel. I do mostly X class lobbies. I’m sure I’ll be in the new endurance hoppers in all the classes. I feel I need to expand my horizons, so I’ll start racing other classes more often.

TX wheel with GTE rim
Fanatec CSR elite pedals (with the cpx adapter of course))
GT Omega Racing wheel stand

coming next week TH8A shifter☺

another thing to note is braking line use… Turn it off!!!

Add me if you like. I don’t usually run the monthly rivals or hot lap for that matter, but I have some fairly average times up in C and B class. I seem to spend the bulk of my time in Test Drive mode where most acts of heroism go unrecorded. :wink:

TX Wheel + CPX + CSR Elite pedals.

TX wheel + GTE rim + CSR elite pedals + TH8A shifter. Hoping to upgrade my pedals soon! Looking forward to see your times and somebody to compete in rivals with!

I run the same set up and I prefer the rivals mode.
I used to challenge back and forth with a friend
in wales, but he went to project cars on the computer.
Add me if you like.

I plan on having the the V2 pedals by the time Project Cars comes out. On my TX I have both add on rims. I’m definitely looking forward to the V2 pedals so my braking is extremely consistent. I’ll be getting TH8A shifter to.

TX + gte rim + csr elite + th8a + cpx

hi guys,

iam also on the basher board adapter and it feels fine. There is only one thing thats not so fine, i must every time i started forza drive a car to adjust my brake pin.
Why is the cpx not saving my settings, i started and its the same here.

My Toys are : Tx+GTE+CPX+CS V2+Rseat Evo 3

same issue from time to time. really annoying to deal with. Hit up basher on his forum and see what can be done about the situation. I plan on doing so right now.

The Thrustmaster wheels do an auto calibration thing the first time you press each pedal. This might be what’s causing the issue for you. Next time, leave the knobs on the CPX alone and after the wheel finishes spinning after startup, press the brake pedal hard and hold it for about 1 second. Then, adjust your gain know to your liking. Next time you start up the wheel, press the brake hard again for one second. The setting should be back to how you had it previously.

If you do this each time you turn the wheel on, it will likely get around this issue for you. Give it a try :slight_smile: I hope that helps.


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Can anyone who has the TX wheel, CPX adapter and Clubsport V1/V2 pedals comment on how well the pedals work together with the wheel? I mean does it feel exactly the same as with the Fanatec wheel? Do you notice any lag with the pedal inputs? Can you check the input lag in the telemetry screen?

I currently have a Fanatec wheel with Clubsport V1 pedals and I’ve been wondering whether to buy the CPX adapter and TX wheel. The only thing I’m worried about is the pedals since having fast and accurate pedal inputs is crucial for me.

I have the csr elite pedals and I have absolutely no lag with the cpx adapter.


feel free to add me to your friends list.

I currently having TX+F1+TP3A+Custom made rig with car seat (I also have CSP V1 but GPX is currently on order).

I like racing online, rivals and drifting.
I am trying to learn more about tuning.
I have a wheel tuned Nova SS tune “C2 bath rivals” for the September Bounty hunter which I ran 2.22.318 currently #96. Feel free to download and try it. I like my tunes a little loose and slight oversteer, so be prepare for some throttle control.

Hope to see you on track or battling in Rivals mode!

You can add me as well if you like. I’m using the TX wheel with the CSR Elite pedals.

GT is Pete Wingie