Anybody have a Basher?

When i first got my TX I placed an order for a Basher Board so I could use my Clubsports. As the title says, anybody here have one? Is it easy to set up? How well does it work?

I’ve owned the CPX for over a year now. It was easy plug and play setup and has worked perfect ever since.

That’s good news. It will be nice to finally get some good pedals back under my feet.

I have another question. Does the CPX allow the ABS function to work like it did on my Fanatec wheel? I am guessing not as the TX doesn’t have the ABS Setting. I will miss that, if it doesn’t

If you are referring to the brake pedal vibration that occurs when you get to a set point on the Clubsports, yes it still exists. You can actually fine tune it with one of the 2 adjustment knobs on the CPX adapter.

COOL, I really missed that. Now I really can’t wait for the CPX to get here.