two kinds of hoppers.

i think publik Lobbys won´t come in forza 5.
but turn10 could offer every hopper twice.
one normal the other in sim mode with much more laps.

and i love to see what turn 10 gave to us with all the tracks. but i still miss the distance meter and several Options for the private Lobbys.
it shoudn`t be so hard to make it like in forza 4.i am talking about the starting grid Options and to have the Option to run heats.

i really wonder that the forza community dont think the main priority should be on the multiplayer.
the career isnt so good to be important. and i am no friend of the drivatares.

I would like to see that the multiplayer feels like a career. with different Driver licenses in the classes. Special races you can qualify for etc.
this System should bring Drivers with the same skill Level together. and thats allways good for thrilling races.
of course it should give free for all hoppers with no ranking.but something that make everything more serious would be very motivating.

forza f5 looks and feels fantastic and have so much potential to be a serious racing game but somehow i dont have the opportunity to use this.
to have the multiplayer we had in forza4 would make everything so much better. and thats my biggest wish for forza 6.
bring back the public Lobbys with enouph Options to create every kind of races.

with the Options in f4 it is possible to run a qualifying befor you start the race. since i found this out i had my best races and i miss that so much.


Fully agree.
I cant see why this would be difficult to implement.
Its an obvious fix/option to add to multiplayer that is badly needed.


This belongs in the wish list

Personally I like the hoppers the way they are. Glad to see user created public lobby gone.

1 user creates lobby where he chooses track he or she is good at
2 user chooses car he or she has tuned perfectly for said track.
3. Some unsuspecting joe or Jill hits quick match and lands in that cats briar patch to have their butt handed to them.

As for license system, heck ya bring it still a wish list

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Yet people who specialize in a class can torch the lobby in the exact same well tuned cars in the hoppers. What’s the difference?

Its actually more random in the hoppers than with custom lobbies. At least with custom lobbies you can leave the lobby if you don’t like the super fast cars being raced and find a better lobby. That’s not always possible with the hoppers.

Multiplayer is hard no matter if its only CPL or hopper. Unsuspecting Joe or Jill will still get their butts handed to them no matter what, but at least with CPL they may find a lobby labeled Noob only.

sorry you have such a bad experience with public lobbys and just meet loosers but the hoppers they offer at the Moment are a joke. and make nice racing impossible. and that cant be a solution. private Lobbys are hard to organize. and a right starting grid is only to realize with a flying start. that makes everything unnecessary difficulty.

in f4 i open a gt2 Lobby with qualifying, damage on and some mor laps in the race.there i met good Drivers from all over the world and had the best races i ever had in forza. races with 10-12 People who runs more or less the same times. i can sent you replays and i think you wont believe that this is a public Lobby with Players who dont know each other.

Racing is more than one fast lap. if you understand that you will recognize why the multiplayer in f5 is bad.


Yep u hit the the nail on the head …its got to be in Fm6 or its game over…“always give someone 1 chance ,2 is not an option”…

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in f2 we had public Lobbys in f3 we hadnt them. in f4 they came back with 16 pl multiplayer in f5 they are gone again. but somehow i am optimistic that they will be back in F6. just dont know what happen in f7. ;(