Twas the trial before Xmas

And many, many elfs turned up in Muscle Cars with no Tunes and drove straight into Xmas trees.

And many reindeer were in the middle of the road and blocked my Muscle Car and rammed me off the road.

And poor old Santa’s sleigh did not get voted for in Backstage Pass so no presents this year.


Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Poor choice from PG. I did complete twice however on first try. I used Brees Camaro 17 FE for the second try with a friend. AI tends to get stopped up by traffic at least. Overall poor track choices today IMO.

Most of the players were gone before the end of race 2 - Leaving just 2 of us, coz the drivatars were dominating.
However, right at the end of races 2 & 3 most of the drivatars seemed to vanish leading to an easy win in the end !
Are the drivatars just driving straight off the road towards the end of the races ??

I ran a Mustang GT but I don’t recommend my tune. Not enough grip for the course. A few times headed off the road but was able to get back through before the next gate/checkpoint. I still ended up taking 2nd in all three races. The first race was because I was shoved outside an intersection into a building. The second race, I played goalie against the AI so we could get both top spots. And the third time I was the lead driver on our side.

But yeah, half our field was untuned. You couldn’t brake before the turns without getting obliterated by the players behind you. And the last two races were won because the AI fell into a black hole somewhere. So I am really tempted to run it once and just hang back to see what is happening. Some AI were as high up as 4th before ending up in the back of the pack.

I feel this is not one of the Trials I will be running multiple times just cuz. lol. Looks like I’ll make another Super 7 course instead,

On a side note…Super Saloons in PGG…break out the “Dirt Track Date” Limo again. lol

I had good time in my Camaro ZL1, clean racing, even with strangely tuned speedy Challengers that didn’t really do corners and I overtook them on the outside trough corner.
Also two grippy Corvettes Z06 didn’t cause problems, true that I only saw any cars to not even half mark, what was happening behind me didn’t really interest me. Yes 3 wins and easy 3:0 for team, no quitters.
At little testing I did, Viper would probably be a bit faster, but lacks grip for my taste.

Anyway Merry Christmas everyone

Accidentally chose my stock viper(maybe tire width) and yeah, the grip just isn’t there. I could’ve sworn it had more than what was experienced. A lot of feathering the throttle and pump braking.

Been running the Caddy CTS-V Sedan 2016 for the Trial and winning pretty consistently with it, even coming from last after being knocked off track.

Tuned it nicely and handles well, especially when you let it glide into the corners and not full throttle it. It exits nice and clean with speed due to it’s good acceleration.

Shared tune, is good for allrounder racers and believe it or not i found it does quite well with TC on and auto.

Sharecode - 385 186 246

Genuinely believe OP’s story could still be the same even if it was a B class AWD drag trial we have this week.

Some of the ‘teammates’ you come across in trials are completely baffling.