TURN10 working on PC game [gamescom 2015 xbox briefing]

So is it just me, or did anyone else notice that TURN10 was among the list of developers working on DirectX 12 games for the PC when the list was displayed during the gamescom briefing? Are they porting future versions of Forza to PC, are they finally making that much talked about “3rd game”? One can only guess at this point but i am very intrigued by this.

Forza is a console seller, making it available on PC could hurt the future of the game on consoles due the unlimited amount of power available on PC compared to consoles. It would definitely outsell the console version in terms of units but it just doesn’t seem right to make forza multi platform. I, and many of you reading this probably bought an Xbox One for Forza, if I had the chance to play it on PC, i probably would have never bought an Xbox One, let alone a Day One edition at $500.

Your thoughts?

Good catch… intriguing - it could be anything from inaccurate info for whoever made the presentation slides to a hint of a future PC racing game.

It could be both. The XBox OS will be soon on DX12 as well, as its part of MS unified OS strategy (its basically a console version of Win10, based on the same core). This will make it much easier for devs to develop a game for both platforms. However, given that PC sales are expected to overtake consoles soon (they are currently level) it wouldn’t be surprising if MS is going strengthen their focus on PC gaming soon. DX12 seems to be a huge leap for future gaming (especially for AMD users as it brings their hardware back on level with NVIDIA) and consoles will be hardware locked for the next couple of years (cycle is usually 7 years). In 2-3 years time you will be able to assemble a PC with twice the power of a current-gen console for more or less the same price.

I’d love to see FM on PC

While i have a quite beasty PC, I would prefer Forza to stick to Xbox consoles. It’s a unified experience in that all Xbox’s are exactly the same hardware. No messing about with configs, updating drivers to get the best out of a title etc.
On the Pc things are very fragmented, which means things are never level and guaranteed. The recent Batman debacle is proof of this. It works great on consoles and is a complete disaster on PC.
Forza should stay console exclusive, but if they were to build another title for PC, i wouldn’t say no. lol

I more or less agree with you, but Batman isnt the best example to support your point, imo. The main reason for the terrible PC release is an abysmally bad port being made by a small 3rd party studio. Rocksteady clearly put their focus on consoles and ‘outsourced’ the PC version. Kinda what PG did with FH2 on Xbox 360. The days when consoles were a zone free of major bugs are long over, they started to dig their own grave once they allowed consoles games to be patch-able. Of course, they had no other chance than allowing this sooner or later, but most consoles titles see a gigabyte-sized day one patch nowadays.

If T10 decides to release FM on PC we can expect a pretty stable version (by today’s standards) as they rather leave things out entirely instead of implementing features half-assed. Thats why FM5 was a rather bare bones experience. And as one of MS main studios, they will get everything they need to provide a stable Windows version, including full access to any DX12 resources. However, it wont happen with FM6 i suppose, but chances are high for FM7 as its likely that PC sales will have passed consoles by then.

I think the whole presentation for DX12 represented both PC and XB1 developers. Remember that DX12 will be available to devs on the XB1 once it switched over to the Windows 10 platform. It doesn’t mean that certain studios are going to begin developing games for PC. However, I’ve always said that if Forza were to ever be available for PC, I’d be jumping to PC. It’s one of the few games I play on XB1 and the main reason I have one.

Xbox is moving to a brand, no longer just being about the console.

Its all part of the SaaS platform MS and Sony are moving towards.

GT Story for the PS4 was announced today, would mean that the engine is near completetion for GT7.

Forza 6 is dx11. To stay ahead of GT7/Assetto Corsa they need a new game. Forza 7 on the PC? New hardcore Forza sim on PC? Or perhaps FH3? According to LinkedIn the Founder of Playground games are working on an undisclosed project, could be FH3.