Turn 10 seem to be ignoring the car wishlist

After finding out how dissapointing the February DLC pack is, i’m begining to wonder whether Turn 10 actually read what customers want.

The latest car pack is an insult. The Ford Daytona Prototype and IMSA Pontiac are a nice edition yes. But the rest of the pack is completely pointless for a racing game. They seem more like fillers, I constantly see people requesting the same cars yet despite them being in previous Forza’s or Turn 10 having the licenses, they still haven’t been added to the game.

Please stop giving us car pack filler cars that make no sense or are most likely never to be driven more than once. Every car in the car pack should be EPIC. As a season pass owner I am incredibly dissapointed with the poor line up of cars in the upcoming february dlc.

Yes some people may disagree but I personally feel let down as a loyal Forza fan and member of the community. I want to thrash a Zonda R round the Ring, not a sunbeam.


You are absolutely right. Every single car pack has had atleast one car that is completely undesireable by a lot of people. I would personally love to see the 2016 Acura NSX, 2016 BMW I8, 1974-1976 Ford Torino, 70-73 Chevy pick up, 70s Ford Bronco, early 2000s Crown Vic, 2015 Hellcat Charger, 1969 Ford Torino GT, Ford Mustang Boss 429, 1968-1969 Chevy Chevelle, 1968 Dodge Charger, 1988 Chevy S10, 1999 Chevy Silverado SS, and the list goes on! So many cars that I can name that people would love more than a P.O.S Pontiac Aztek. Turn 10 needs to step it up! This is coming from a player of Forza Motorsport since FM1.


Its a Wish List, Not a Magical List Of Possibilities.
If I wish for the Return of the Typhoon and 2004 Chevy Blazer Xtream every week it must come out every month right.
Give them a break. Its not like they holding back till Forza 7 comes out. They Just added a Daytona Prototype. And before that was a classic Indy car, SuperGT, 90’s F1, a limo, some sort of armored car. They are checking the boxes of cars not yet seen. All are new, and interesting.

Side note, What about the hidden cars they are putting out as Unicorns via Leagues. That’s a cool thing right.


Except it was a car that was already in Forza 5 so they could easily have had that in the base game at launch. So 0 points for effort there. Also I really think they should stop with the “silly” cars in the car packs like the Aztek for the game that has MOTORSPORT in the title. Keep that stuff for Horizon.


Motorsport: A sport involving the racing of motor vehicles, especially cars and motorcycles (Oxford)

Race: A competition between runners, horses, vehicles, boats, etc., to see which is the fastest in covering a set course (Oxford)

Last time I checked every one of these “useless” cars that T10 put into the game they should not belong in because it has MOTORSPORT in the title, is fully capable of driving under its own power, which means it is perfectly capable of racing.

For example, auto cross is a popular form of motorsport which many people participate in. If T10 were to add a Jeep to Forza (which they have) people would complain that it is a useless vehicle and should be replaced by XXX (which they do), yet this guy autocrosses his Jeep.

Okay so maybe that was a bad example, what if T10 were to add a full blown school bus to Forza there is no way that should belong in a game with motorsport in the title right?

Wow I guess even that would belong as those are clearly being raced on an actual track.

So how about everyone on here stop complaining that this car or that car does not belong in a game simply because it has motorsport in the title. Sure there are several cars I would rather have then a Aztek but even the Aztek is capable of driving around a track and the goal of the game stays the same regardless of what you are driving, set the lowest lap time you can.

Someone once said “The first automobile race occurred right after the second car was built.” do you think that what ever they were driving was fit to race?

T10 could add a lawn mower to the game and it would still belong if we base what belongs off of the single word motorsport


Ok, I would be fine with them adding the 130 mph Honda lawnmower(it would be entertaining to send that around a track for a bit). I agree with your point, and beside Top Gear(abide U.S.) had it on their show. Still, even Turn 10 showed how pitiful it was in the trailer.

And you can be sure that Aztec will be in Horizon 2 as well.

100% agreed. I am getting quite tired of the “this months DLC sucks” posts. Obviously the “Vocal Minority”…


I was never aware they paid it any attention

They do. Its just not as instant as many people would like it to be.

The other cars may seem pointless to you but to others they have a place in the game. Both you and everyone else is entitled to their opinion.

One thing I want to point out is even if Turn 10 look at the wishlist today and say right the Yugo is the most requested lets add it to the game it takes many months for that to happen.

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I would to see the yugo

I thought the wish list was made just so we wouldn’t have spam on the forums about “y u no hav JDM n import exotic tuner cars”

That way it’s on the one thread.

Maybe I should shhhhhh >_>

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I am quite looking forward to racing the Aztek.

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I feel as though they’re going to keep releasing these type of car packs until the car pass is no longer eligible. Making sure they release the car packs that have all the vehicles the majority of players want, aren’t included in the car pass so they’ll get more of a profit. I mean is it really too much to ask for a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce or the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB? I guess me getting the Ultimate Edition wasn’t really worth it considering the only vehicle I really use from any car pack is my One:1. I’m not saying I just want super or hyper cars, I’m saying I’m sick of this constant cycle of these useless cars that only appeal to a miniscule number of people. I guess I’m just gunna have to waste my hard earned money on a car pack I could have gotten with the $100 bundle I paid for. Typical.

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I can see that you will put a negative spin on if they do release those cars after the car pass but what if they have not managed to get one to model until today?

The whole point of DLC is to generate profits after the base game has been sold. If you really think projected profits don’t factor into how companies plan out DLC, then I’d say you’re pretty naive. Whether you think supercars are boring or not, there’s definitely a huge demand to see these new cars in the game, and Turn 10/MS are obviously going to take advantage of that.

Of course but profit is not the only factor that determines when a car may be added, there are many practical issues that probably need to be dealt with even before they get to decide out of the cars available which may be more profitable for them.

People seem to ignore these other factors and make assumptions about why things are the way they are.

I am just trying to point out that there are other reasons why a car may not be in the game yet.

I’m a big fan of tuning up the older classics and racing them in A-B class, but the lack of new cars to FM6 is beginning to be a bit of a worry.

I think what happened was that T10 either had an opportunity or decided to laser scan the vehicles they had available to them at a certain point - e.g. old cars from collectors or museums. As a result, we’re getting a lot of older cars because that’s what was available at the time. Since they all follow a similar pattern for what type of cars are included (1-2 race cars, 1 modern-ish classic, a few old cars), I’m guessing the DLC was pre-packaged - the Season Pass ones at least.

Now, they might have had an opportunity here and there to add new cars, but either they had to have special access to scan those new vehicles (Last year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona or Le Mans), or get the data from manufacturers (2016 Mercedes-AMG C63, Infiniti Q60 Concept). That’s probably why there haven’t been that many come through in DLC like in previous Forza games. Remember, we’re still waiting for the Focus RS to show up, which should be the first of the new 2016/2017 cars to show up as DLC.

Hopefully more new models will be added as soon as possible. Like I said, I like the older cars, and have been happy with the DLC so far, but there are so many new cars out there that should be in Forza soon (BMW M2/i8, Ferrari 488, I could go on but that’ll turn into a wishlist - you get the point).

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You’re right, I probably won’t drive the Daytona prototype or the IMSA mercury much more than once but I will definitely be able to enjoy the other cars in this pack as everything else added was great, including the aztek.

Not everyone is like you and only wants modern super/sport cars or race cars, the packs are designed to have a combination of multiple different styles of cars so theres at least one for everyone.

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