Tuning for Drag

Any tips on tuning for For drag? Specifically AWD. My fav car is the GTR-R35. Im tryna understand what to touch up for dragging

Deflate the tires, tune the suspension to be oversteery (hard springs on the rear, somewhat soft springs on the front and high front height, but if you want to stay competetive in RWDs, do the opposite) and set both differentials to 100% 100% (I reccommend the sport differential, it’s cheap enough and gives you the settings that you need), the gears, aligment and brakes are up to you

Soft springs in the rear* because you want them to feather off the weight shift to stop your rear wheels from having weight dumped too hard on them during launch and losing traction. If unstable, soften springs further or tighten them depends on the car, it’s weight, distribution of it and it’s drivetrain settings. Teensy toe in can fix instability check if times improve after modifying it. Don’t camber.

If you really want to go for the absolute best times you will need either a steering wheel with pedals that has a clutch pedal so you can clutch slip, or use the clutch slip trick on controller layout 9. Forza Horizon 4 | Fastest Launch Tutorial (Clutch Slip) | Drag Racing Leaderboards - YouTube
If you want launch control during free roam you need manual w/ clutch. Hold throttle + handbrake until it hangs at 2k RPM. Next apply the clutch as well so you’re holding 3 buttons. Then let go and reapply the handbrake to increase RPM to desired amount. To launch let go of handbrake and clutch at the same time.

For gearing you will want to set your 1st gear pretty long probably. When you launch you do not want it to bounce off the rev limiter until it is actually reached that speed and you are in the range to shift up. Some cars can benefit greatly from having the second gear close to first in ratio and shifting relatively early. Shifting removes and reapplies power to the wheels and can negate wheelspin. Only use the first gear’s wheelspin to get up to ~30 to 50mph or so to make sure you’re in the powerband of your second gear when you shift. Added benefit you will quickly heat up your tires on launch with some wheelspin so after shifting to second your tires are more likely to stick.

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