Drag Tuning Tech!

Ive come to notice there is no real thread covering Drag Tuning. Is there a Drag tuning expert that can lay down the law?

this is what has worked for me in my time doing drags on forza 4/5 may not be what everyone else uses but it is just a rough suspension set up gearing is a preference

rwd drag tuning in a nut shell :

front tires 55 rear 30
alignment +1.0 front camber -2.5 rear camber
arbs 40.00 front and rear
springs max soft front max stiff rear
ride height all the way up
damping 1.0 rebound on front and 13.0 for rear rebound and both bump settings

i will add more when i get home from work …

awd from what i have found is differentials are essential for these cars to get the launch right

tires 31 front and rear
alignment -2.5 front -3.1 rear camber 0 toe 7 caster
arbs 40.00 front and rear
springs max stiff front and rear for front engine cars
ride height (same as rwd for front engine)
dampers 13.00 for front and rear rebound and bump
diff accel and decel front and rear 100% balance 70-85 % to the rear tires

cant post anything on fwds have yet to make one run that great


Thanks for sharing Reaper!

np PR still trying to figure out fwd drag though alot of wheel spin lol