Tunes are always locked! Even your own!!

I don’t understand why this happens… Why are tunes sometimes or always locked out. Same glitch from 5 and 6. But even worse MEOW!!! Stop making 12 forza per console and make 1! That you can keep improving!! Like WoT or GTA V…

2 step forward. 1 step! Ever new Forza…

“Ur killing me Smalls!”

Not something I’ve ever run into.

I’ve not saw this either, have saved and loaded lots of tunes on both PC and XB1 versions. There was an issue that kept the tunes from loading properly early on but that has been fixed. The only times I have had one be locked were ones that were on a purchased car or downloaded which in both cases are supposed to be locked.

I have this problem the 1st 6 or so tunes are available the rest won’t fully load and all show are group e100 with a warning mark and no info on power weights ect


This !


Same here.

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On multiplayer I often see a padlock symbol next to all tunes but I can still select and load them and race, so i dont know what the padlock is supposed to mean.

It means you can save and use the tune, but you can’t view or edit it.

I have this. Stopped playing as a result.