[TUNE REQUEST] Ferrari 250 GT Lusso


I kind of fell in love with the Lusso, and can’t seem to locate a great B tune…

I came up with something I like, but would love to have a go at a “professional” tune.


  • Stock engine
  • Stock aspiration
  • RWD

I would like it to be optimized for road / circuit, favoring acceleration and cornering over top speed.

I also would need to not have to fight against the car (all assists = off / simulation). (probably not an issue for B…)

Anyways, thanks for looking!


PS: I also wouldn’t mind getting some recommendations for where I could learn how to properly do this myself. What resources did you guys/gals use to learn the craft?

There are lots of threads on these forums that you can use to read. Look in the Tuner’s lounges of previous titles or do a quick search. I know there is a thread in this subforum where someone posted links to several such threads. That would be a good place to start.

I would also recommend taking the time to read over the descriptions in the game once or twice. While you do so, try to visualize the changes you are reading about and how they would affect a car.

Finally, I would just start messing with it in the game. The best way to learn is to do it afterall. When you take this route, here are some tips.
A) Put on the adjustable part you want to learn about - start out with one at a time to keep things simple
B) Drive the car around - I like Nice because it gives you a variety of turns and straight - and see how it acts.
C) Set the tuning setting for the adjustable part all the way to the left
D) Drive the car and see what happens
E) Set the tuning setting for the adjustable part all the way to the right
F) Drive the car and see what happens

This will help show you what the stock setting on the car is and how the manufacturer felt the car should be for commercial use. Then, driving with both extremes will show you what happens as you move the slider in that particular direction. Now as you set about tuning, recall what the extremes were like and which one you would like the car to behave more like. Then move the slider in that direction. This will help gain an understanding and let you begin making some good tunes.

defiantly set the downforce to the max and if the car has any understeer oversteer issues correct it with suspension/tire pressure. not much point in tuning the suspension then adding downforce parts

I would put the front aero to max and the rear aero to the lowest setting or leave it off entirely. This car will do best in it’s original class or one class higher and rear aero may not be necessary for the resulting build.

I’ve put up to share a RWD, stock engine, no aero build. Tried to dial out all the back end corner problems. I use a wheel and no aids, may be ok for you,

cheers Bee9