Tune/design ranks

How do you see what rank you are and How many downloads each tune/designs have?

According to stat page I’ve only received 2 likes, but have 73 kudos…:thinking:

I was actually wondering if the tune ranks are working. I’ve got 3500+ downloads and more uses and have received a bunch of likes but I’m still showing as tune rank 1. Is one the highest and it’s a like based off all players (obv most people don’t share tunes). I mean I’m sure I’m nowhere near the top of downloads or uses but I’d bet I’m top 1%

i have well over 300 kudos
mostly from the lab

stats page for me shows 0 likes
but, in the message notification i get loads of likes


I don’t know how it works in FH5. I have 3,352 livery downloads, 310 vinyl downloads, kudos is 201. Likes received? Zero! The kudos is from likes on the liveries and vinyls only, I haven’t shared anything else. So it’s another bugged stat.

Also I am still rank 1, and while I am not a big popular painter, I would still be higher than rank 1 in FH4 with this level of activity, so either that’s bugged too or they’ve drastically raised the bar.

Also just the same as FH4, the uses are not shown anywhere AFAIK. Only in your messages when you get a notification so the only way to know would be to manually keep a record. If only there was a way that the developers could have added that functionality to the game…

There are a lot of things related to the content sharing, content creator leveling, content rewards and other systems affecting content creators that are simply not working as intended. Everyone is still shown as a level 1 Amateur tuner or painter no matter how many downloads they have. That’s only one of the things still broken. It was like this at the launch of FH4 too and took about 6 months before most of it was fixed.

Hi FN, those stats for uses don’t show in the Hub but you can see them if you click on the file when in ‘My Designs’ - at least they’re showing for me on the One X.

Ah yes I forgot about that, although wouldn’t it be great if the game could add all those up for you and show an overall uses count somewhere for all your designs? And maybe show us how near we are to getting legendary painter status? (I never did get that in FH4, I must be close though.)

Yeah that’d be brilliant but… well, you know… :smirk:

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Oh yeah, the other thing with that is if you unshare a livery then the use count disappears, but is presumably still counted by the game somewhere to see if you qualify as legendary. (In FH4 I had a formula drift car with a very popular livery with thousands of downloads and uses, but it had the rising sun on it… boo hiss! So I had to unshare it when they changed the rules.)

it told me yesterday I was legendary but doesnt say it anywhere…?

Just another bug that may get fixed a couple of years from now.