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bear with me, I just can not find a clear way to see which designs, tunes etc… and how many dls, uses or likes regarding the files i am sharing…

I’m not always an idiot although it don’t matter, someone, anywhere in the world,… what’s up, what am I missing?

also, how do I get more stars as a creator? I’m sure it’s a total sum of numbers of something, is there a real formula or list… not that it matters cause I don’t know where to find which of my tunes or whatever is being used.

anyhoo. hey everyone. how’s it goin? I’m good. peace FH3 associates.


At least for the designs (layer groups and liveries), if you go into the paint and design section of the garage and go to view your designs, as you scroll through your files you should be able to see all those you have shared (they’ll have a row of 5 stars, empty/full/in-between). For all those showing stars if you select them a detail window for them will come up and show you the total # of d/l’s, uses and likes for each one. That’s for liveries or layer groups.

As to tunes, I don’t share those too much but if I recall correctly (from my desk at work) you can pull up their sharing details by going into tuning, selecting to load a tuning preset, and you can scroll through all your files and they’ll show up same as the liveries, stars for shared files and selecting them should show you the #'s.

As to ranking up, I’m not sure of the actual number for each level, but they’re based on downloads primarily. I think uses and likes for vinyls may contribute to your overall painter level, but for tunes I think it’s d/l’s only. Hopefully one of the Forza pros hanging around will be able to give you the details

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if you need Awd tunes, libra79 betsy has a talent.

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The following has been confirmed by T10 developers -

Painter and Tuner status are determined by combined downloads, likes and uses of all your shared designs or tunes. Shared vinyl groups are not included … only full car designs. Here are the required numbers of downloads, likes and uses for each level:

Amateur - 500
SemiPro - 2,500
Pro - 5,000
Elite - 10,000
Legend - 50,000

Since the only place to find likes and uses are on each individual design/tune in your own game, the only way to calculate where you are in terms of status levels is to add up all the downloads, likes and uses yourself. No one will be able to tell you where you are or how much more you need because no one can see the likes or uses of someone else’s shared work.


wildcat, thank you!
rainmans foly, thank you as well, clever name :smiley:

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did either of you play FH1?
i wish sorting cars was as awesome as FH1.

same with stats, like FH2-3 abandoned fun stats. or am i looking in the incorrect place.

i do know it’s a hassle deleting and saving paint files in FH3, requires double saves to apply and/add to catalogue. meh.

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once again, thanks guys, very thoughtful and well said. i appreciate your comments!

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