How do I tell which Livery Design people are using?

Hi, I’m still a little new to Forza Horizon. I’m sure I’m missing something. I just can’t figure it out.

Almost every day I get a message saying I’ve been paid a little CR and some Kudos for Downloads, Likes and Uses of my “shared Livery Designs.”

That’s awesome. But when I go to “My Designs” and look through all of my liveries, they all say 0 Downloads, 0 Likes and No Stars for popularity.

That seems a little more like it because I haven’t shared anything special (at all) other than a few cool paint colors.

What am I missing here?

Not sure this thread is in the correct section - but in answer to your question;

From freeroam - pause then tab across to the tab that has your creative hub on it - you should be able to see downloads/ uses/ likes on there.

You’re right. I thought I put this in the Paint Booth. Must have misclicked. Mods can move it if need be.

And also right with your advice. Found it. Thanks!

I have 43 downloads from 2 cars and one, single, lonely Like.

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Similar to this is there a way of determining which of my tunes people are downloading? the creative hub doesnt seem to have data for individual tunes, like it does for paints.

I always produce a tune for a car i use, so probably have about 300 different ones. And every so often, after days of dribs and drabs something seems to explode and i suddenly get loads of downloads. It would be nice to see what my popular tunes are. Im assuming that its down to one of the weekly events coinciding with one of my tunes. Everything seems to only have 1 star, so i cant guage it off that.

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