Will Painter/Tuner rank ever be fixed in FH5?

I know those who don’t spend time creating custom tunes or paints won’t care much, but for those of us who do, it’s slightly annoying to see thousands of downloads of something you worked hard at trying to perfect, only to see “RANK 1” next to it. I rarely see this topic being discussed though, so I’m curious if I’m the only one bothered by it. I’m not obsessed with it by any means, but it does annoy me.

I know this subject can be cause for heated debates, especially when, for example, painters reach rank 20 and begin listing cars for 20 mil at the AH with monochromatic color schemes, as was the case in FH4 for a while at least.

My focus is actually tuning and not painting, and I’d wager to say that you don’t typically get to 50k downloaded tunes unless you’re making a concerted effort to truly create the best tune you can. I do say “typically” though, since there are exceptions; namely, people who are already very popular tuners. I know I’ve used a hand-full of them and wondered why the heck the 5 star rating. For the rest of us though, it seems a bit underwhelming to put forth the effort and gradually see our tunes downloaded more, yet still at rank 1.

Will this ever be fixed?
Perhaps it’s better if it isn’t?
I don’t have the answer to either.

AFAIK this hasn’t to do with Rank its only the number of downloads and uses you have on your creations that enable the 20mil thing.

I got 50k downloads in FH4 and can also tell its totaly random which tune get this. I made this amount of downloads with just one tune and I shared hundrets. Im sure I had better tunes but they didn’t got much downloads.

I didn’t even knew the Tuner Rank is broken in FH5.
I stoped sharing anything because due to the amount of bugs that bothers me I play only once a week the playlist.
If the issues I have get fixed I may return to my old style of gameplay. But without a working Tuner Rank and without a Tuner Badge… don’t know…

And also with a reduced number of playlist championships every week with the unchangeable Highly Skilled AI I do them mostly in stock tunes… except the trialevent there is no need for playlist racingtunes anymore which is kind of sad.
In FH4 I did all playlist championships on unbeatable and had to tune a lot…

overall all that design decisions to make the game more casual reduced my ingame time compared to FH4

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yeah Rank 20 doesn’t get you 20M Auction prices. It’s harder than that… 50 thousand downloads, likes, and uses combined.

Fixing the Ranking is one of a zillion bugs. Low priority, but also just copy/paste the code from FH4 so no work either.