hello, do someone knows if there is a bug with the Uses on painting and tuning?, i have done several liveries and tunes, i have a bunch of likes and downloads but no uses at all, and i know for sure my friends and some randoms are using my things so, there must be a bug right?! (since i want to complete every accolades, it might be a problem for me if uses are bugged til the end :p)

I don’t paint but my tunes are accumulating uses

Where are you looking? I am getting regular ‘daily payout’ notifications of uses for my paints. AFAIK that is the only place uses are mentioned. In ‘my designs’ all of my designs show zero downloads or likes, which is wrong and a bug which persists from FH4.

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Ah I hadn’t looked there yet. I just did and the painting ‘uses’ ones are working for me (I have the ones up to and including 1,000 uses with the FH4 liveries I imported and reshared).

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i am lookin in my daily payout and in my accolades and everything still shows zero uses when i know for sure people uses it, i even made another account just to race with one of my paint to see if it was just my friends who were bugged but still only the download and the like have showned, Uses are still at 0 :frowning:

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In your house all of the rewards are missing they only work outside in the HUB, but that was the same in FH4. I’m surprised so many FH4 bugs are still in FH5. There are some bugs in the vinyl editor from FH4 as well.

not to mention that when your design get arround 40k downloads it vanish form thecreative hub