TT Grand Prix circuit

TT stands for “track toys”, so bring your best track toy car here!
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Take your favorite apex predator and destroy the asphalt!

This circuit also has a solar farm and achieved near to 0 carbon! This is one of the green race tracks that can also provide electricity for EVs! :zap:

Grand TV powered by solar technology

DJ stand with musics :notes:

Podium stand with a golden :trophy: for 1st place!

Many people come to TT GP circuit to watch best race cars & best drivers battle with each other. Don’t disappoint them. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are several brake marks as well!
You can also use this map as a benchmark to test your PC and/or Console; since this is a maximum budget map with high quality props.

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Please support this map so i can make more!
Thank you :blush:


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Enjoy the view. Make sure to come to TT grand prix circuit! :grin:

Your road pieces a far too high off the ground. They need to be smooth, pretty much aligned with the grass. And double the current asphalt prop wide. Your chicanes need to be longer as well.

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Hi @Scubadubba6524 . I’m really sorry for this and apologize :pensive:. At the time i was making this circuit, the new road pieces from apex allstars where not available ; but i will use the new pieces to avoid anymore problems.

Stay tuned for my next project featuring several circuits; codename: motorsport.

I would like to ask what device you used to test my map & how it went.
Feel free to vote for the polls i made.
Thank you :blush:

Hello everyone! Project codename: motorsport is still under development, but i will finish it. I’m Currently still working on the layouts of the tracks & designing the general look of the track.
I also learned more about some of the new props & features and i will use them to create better race tracks!
Please share & provide more feedback & do the polls i made, just like how @Scubadubba6524 did. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you everyone for driving at my race tracks! Make sure to introduce this circuit to others as well! :blush:

I’m going to log some of the bugs i & @Scubadubba6524 found:
1- @Scubadubba6524 reported about the road being too high. I have solved this issue in the project codename motorsport.

The grasses have white lines & seams. I will use seamless grass in the future.

With the new road pieces from apex allstars, this issue has been reduced & roads will be more polished.

I will use more grass to make sure underneath of the grand stands are invisible.

Do you want an early preview of the project codename: motorsport?
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  • No. I want to be surprised.
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