“triple threat challenge”

I have set a goal for myself of creating versatile tunes that will work well in three aspects of racing: straight-line speed, speedway events and reasonably technical “short track” circuit racing. What I’ve come up with is a “triple threat challenge” that other ForzaWorld tuners may find worthwhile.

The idea is to tune a car (I’ve done it so far with an R2 car, but I’m trying to tune an R3 or even an S-class racer to meet the challenge) so that, without changing so much as a wing setting or a tire pressure between races, can beat the following lap times.

Indy oval: fast lap of 56 seconds and under
Sedona mile: best pass under 25 seconds
Camino Viejo Short: lap time less than 56 seconds

As I said, I’ve accomplished the goal with a single car so far, and it’s in class R2. There are probably R1 cars that will do all that quite easily (the C-9 Sauber-Mercedes comes to mind), so I’ve eliminated them from consideration. I have an S-class that will manage 55.9 on the oval and has no problem with the circuit race, but the mile drag takes more than 27 seconds.

I have an R3 that easily hits two of the three targets, but the best I can do with it at Indy is just over a minute. If I only had to shave a second off my dragstrip pass, I’d keep tweaking that car, but I’ve tried a few times and I really don’t think I can take 4-5 sec. off my best lap on the oval.

When you first look at the three target times, you figure “none of those are stellar; I’ll easily beat this challenge.” While it’s true that each goal is pretty average for a specialized setup, the real trick is getting a single tune that handles all three types of racing.

Any takers?

I suspect the biggest limiter will be the drag mile accel time. There is a bare minimum of power needed to hit that time, which will exclude lower class cars.

Based on input from others who are trying this, I think it’s logical to have different targets for different classes. Let’s give these a jiggle and see what shakes out.

R1: Camino Short 46 sec Indy 52 sec Sedona mile 23 sec
R2: Cam 53” Indy 54” mile 24”
R3: Cam 56” Indy 56” mile 25”
S class: Cam 57” Indy 58” mile 26”

The track challenges are no problem, but as I guessed the mile times are another matter.

and that, of course, is the point of all this. my original motivator was the C6.R “dual purpose” tune I was working on: a single setup that would fare well in dragracing without being so specialized that the car would be all but useless on a road course.

I succeeded in creating “C6.R v2,0” which is, as expected, less than perfect for either track or strip but pretty good for both; hopefully far better than a bone-stock vehicle.

originally, I was thinking of adding a feature event at Friday Night Thunder where the owner would have to run the mile on the dragstrip, then without changing anything, run a few laps on the Club circuit with the same car…which got me thinking; "how about a car that could go from the strip to the club circuit to an oval where it would need to average 150+, making it a “triple threat” machine? any one of the events would be no sweat for a car specifically set up for that purpose, but to come up with a versatile racer with reasonable performance in all three venues, that would be the challenge…


Just to make the challenge a little bit more evil a track that needs high downforce would throw a wrench in the oval and mile challenges. So far the most fun I’ve had in this challenge has been with a 830hp S Class 06 GTO with no aero. It was .4 a second off the mile time, but it beat your Indy R3 spec, and beat your R2 Camino Short spec (if I remember correctly). Once again everything else seems to be easy, but the mile time. I like using high horsepower heavy cars and they seem to no have low enough aero drag. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

It’s funny because I was just doing this same exact thing with some guys from a car forum. We started in S Class so we could do Top Speed, Autocross, and a Circuit. Winner was the person with the lowest score. What I did for the Top Speed was subtract your speed from 272 (top speed in game without hacks) so the closer you were to 272, the lower your score. In S Class you were allowed only one setup, but we changed that in R3.

Anyhow, here are my scores:

Camino Viejo Short: 44.264 hot lap
Indianapolis Oval: 50.884 hot lap
Sedona Mile: 24.433

My car is an R3 Class 2010 Audi R8 5.2. It has 800 hp and weighs 2,645 lbs with the RWD conversion. The tune is in my SF along with a lot of other really high-horsepower cars. ALL my tunes are free so please check them out.

I was also able to beat the R2 challenge times with an R3 build of mine:

Camino Viejo Short: 43.880 hot lap
Indianapolis Oval: 51.944 hot lap
Sedona Mile: 23.833

The car is an R3 Class 2012 Aventador with 1,000hp weighing in at 3,220 lbs. It remains AWD but is on stock tires. The free tune is in my SF.

Sounds like fun , i will give the R2 times a try . With Xmas and what have you , it will be a while b4 i get a good run at it though , but i will post my results when i get the time

Well it seems like I got it :slight_smile:

I ran a 25.8 on the mile run

A 56.4 at Indy

And a 48.5 at Camino Short

This was in a S Class Corvette C4 Grandsport with 976hp and once again no aero.

Nice work! So far the closest I’ve come is with an AWD 84 GTO which hits all the R3 targets…unfortunately, the PI makes it an R2, but I think the limiting factor is my driving, not my tuning ;^))

pretty sure a better driver could cut my Camino and Indy times and meet the R2 standards

looking forward to hearing from more brave tuners

For fun I tried a RWD R3 GTO (actual Pi 746)

I ran:

Mile - 23.4
Indy - 55.9
Cam - 46.8

There is a lot more speed in the car since (like the Vette) I didn’t tune anything, made just one (ugly) flying lap, and didn’t optimise the build. So you should be to reach your goal. The car is capable.

Thanks, it was fun trying to get it done with a “heavy” RWD car. Tires were spinning most of the way around Camino and till about 130-140 mph on the mile time. They may not be the fastest, but the high horsepower beasts are quite fun to drive.

It says under 25 seconds, not in the 25 second mark.

I used an S class AWD '71 GT-R, no aero. No tune settings were adjusted from stock.

Sedona: 23.232
Indy: 55.632
Camino Short: 45.541


R1: Camino Short 46 sec Indy 52 sec Sedona mile 23 sec
R2: Cam 53” Indy 54” mile 24”
R3: Cam 56” Indy 56” mile 25”
S class: Cam 57” Indy 58” mile 26”

You were right the first time. the times you posted meet the S-class standards.

I still think I can achieve success with the Ferrari. I know that I just need to press a little harder on the oval and the Camino loop. It has drag slicks, so maybe I’ll try race tires on it to see if it still does the mile in under 24. (R2 Class)

I was going for the original standards, not the adjusted ones. Adjusting a challenge isn’t any fun - it makes the name “challenge” pointless.

Well, I disagree on all counts. I “adjusted” the numbers to make this a fair fight, since the goals I set at the beginning were about right for R3 class but too easy for R1’s. If you can tune an S car to meet R3 standards, more power to you!

Instead of sour grapes, how about trying to beat the targets in all four classes? I now have an R2 (the GTO) and an R3 (a friend is going to run the Indy oval, and I’ve already been successful on the circuit and drag parts). Keep in mind that this is a tuning challenge. I’m slow of reflexes and see about as well as Mr. Magoo, so I am fine with having a better racer prove the tune when necessary.

I used to tune [Forza]cars specifically for the Nordschleife. Since I couldn’t get the full potential from the cars myself, I would “hire” a test driver. The gamer drove the course and gave me feedback. When possible, I would “spectate” and watch the telemetry; otherwise the test driver would send replays + feedback. I’d make adjustments and we’d repeat the process until the tuning setup was fully dialed-in. At the end, I’d have a perfect tune, and the other guy would keep a fully customized and honed racecar.

Using this method, we came up with a Hennessey (among others) that screams through the “green hell” like it was spawned there.

A few people have found fault with this process, as if letting a better driver than myself do the heavy lifting is somehow dishonest. For every performance, there will always be critics…

Indeed, that’s why I wanted to get it done with a RWD car like are run at Texas Mile events. Wheel spin through third and fourth gear is fun.

There’s nothing wrong with that process at all. The only thing I have to say about it is that the person will ultimately be fastest in their own tune if they know how to make them. A person could make a driver a ridiculously fast setup, but if the driver can’t handle it, there’s no point in driving it that way. The driver knows exactly what they want, so learning to tune is very helpful. It is nice to see what tunes can do in other people’s hands though. I usually don’t find more time in other tunes than my own, but that’s because I can set up a car exactly to my liking, and everyone has a different style.