Treasure Map Issue with Blizzard Mountain Expansion

I purchased the treasure map a day after the game was released, and it’s not working on Blizzard Mountain.

Can anyone help?

I did not look long enough to be sure but on the map screen is there an option to “activate treasure map” or something similar?

Sadly i got a very quick session in before heading to work so cannot check but i think i saw something on the map screen.

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Yes if you own it for the main map you have the option to activate it for Blizzard Mountain…

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It’s not showing up for me.

I can’t remember how I got it to “pop-up” the message I think it was after doing a few of the XP boards and beauty spots as I passed them while driving 50/50 roads…

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I’ve driven 50/50 roads and found 18/25 xp boards, still nothing. I’m not on PC.

For me, when I bring up the map, it said on the bottom that the Y button would reveal the Treasure Map.

Hi Capt Horsepower,

A few questions for you:

  1. If you go to the Xbox Store on your console and look for the Forza Horizon 3 Treasure Map offer, does it show that you own it and have installed it?
  2. Can you please explain in detail what you are doing and what you see when you try to access the Treasure Map? If you have any screenshots you can include, that would be helpful as well. I can forward that info. on to the team for further investigation.


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I figured out why it wasn’t popping up, every time I was trying to use it, I was online. When I went to story mode, it popped up immediately.

HI I have the same issue as Capt HorsePower - still not on the map.
The answers for the Mechberg’s questions are:

  1. no.
  2. I have opened the map and close the airport - does not have it.
    Also I have 3rd tab called Mountain Blizzard - Mountain Blizzard online advanture - locked which says: this option is not aviable now - then it will be unlock
    thank you for your help