Issue with treasure map? Not showing all locations

Hey guys, i picked up forza horizon 2 recently and am really enjoying it!

I’m a bit lazy and the $3 for the treasure map was worth it to me, however, having driven around and smashed all that were shown i found that i was 1423/150. I checked my stats and found that i’m 28/35 for the 7500xp Boards.

Is this a known issue, is there any fix for it?

Just giving this a bump, would really like an answer to it as its been rather frustrating.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Patience. You most likely need to play more so you trigger the ones you don’t see right now. Some don’t/won’t appear until you’ve reached either certain levels or opened up certain parts of the game.

Oh, i was unaware of this. Thank you, i feel like a bit of a fool. I’m at 54% completion, and i have not seen any pop up yet but i’ll keep a watch out.

I noticed that when I bought the treasure map it did not show the last few boards for me to smash as well but there was a button prompt at the bottom of the map screen that said “press Y to reveal the treasure map” and once I did that all the boards I had missed showed up immediately. Give that a try and see if it helps.

Ahh, i did already hit that initially. I’m at about 75% completion and still am not seeing any extra boards.

Otherwise there are numerous other maps on the web if you can have a PC on somewhere close to your console.

Even if you look at a map which shows ALL of the various spots for ALL of the bonus boards, etc., unless you trigger them they won’t be there. Maps “show” all the Barn Finds, for instance, but it doesn’t matter how many times you pull up to two garage doors expecting them to open they won’t until you’ve done certain things in the game.