FH5 Treasure Map Not Working

I have bought the treasure map days before and I try to unlock it in the game today. It says I have to buy it and after I try to buy it again in-game it says that it seems I already bought it. Does anyone have similar issues? Does anyone know how to fix it?


When you are on the map press ‘y’ to enable the treasure map

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When I click y it says you have to buy it, it is not said to reveal it or something. But when I continue to buy it shows I already bought it.

You have to press y In the map to activate the treasure map

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I think it is not available till November 9th, the official release date of the game. Could be wrong though. Going by the date on the Xbox store.


Yeah, so I have no idea what is happening, I already tried to write a tickets to the support team.

The Treasure Map should be available:

“Treasure Map DLC is not included with any edition, but purchasing it will unlock on the Early Access date”

That’s from Manteomax, 3rd post down:


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i have the same issue. have you gotten a response yet?

The reply they were giving is basically useless, I am still waiting for their further reply.

I had the same issue.
Try going into forza solo, then try activating the treasure map as stated above by pressing y on the map.
This is what worked for me.
Good luck!

Thanks for the response, but still does not work for me.

You have to progress through some of the story before it will unlock

May I ask which specific mission that will be? Thanks so much.

All I’ve done is the first showcase and a couple PR stunts

I am on win10. Game works fine! Vip works fine! Rewards works so far okay! I did try to add treasure map but it said to me to buy it… When i go in the store it says i have it and takes me back into the game… I did try the solo mode, i did try to restart the game, and to make some races around the map. Still no-go… I am out of options. gona play some more time… And if wont come will ask for refund at the store…

The sad news is I might play the game too long that they even did not let me refund that individual item. I have heard that if you refund it and buy it again you are good to go, you can try it out.

Platform: Windows 10 pc.
Premium edition purchased through windows store
treasure map pre purchased through windows store.
I too cannot get my treasure map to unlock. I have tried going to horizon solo and pressing “Y” as stated above. when I press Y i get the small window that pops up to tell me to enter in my passcode. after entering my passcode the windows store tells me “Looks like you already own this”. I hit enter on that and it goes back to the game where it says “contacting server” then loads and says "Marketplace error: An error occurred. Please try again later.


Exact same thing.

This is a clearly a bug on the Xbox app / Microsoft Store since it’s working on my xbox series x. (i’m on Windows 11)

Same situation here. Pretty sure it is related to the purchase on the Windows store and not in game. Using Windows 11.

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Just gonna chip in here too… Got the same problem.
Windows 11
Premium Edition of Forza.
Pre-ordered treasure map

When I press Y in the map it tells me to purchase treasure map. If I wanna do that a window appears for a millisecond and I’m back in the map and nothing changes…

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